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3 PhotoTips for a Perfect Refliction (that's how they say it here in New Zealand) - Behind the scenes videos now out!

Part 1 - Preparing for the photo:

Part 2 - Taking the photo:

Part 3 - Editing the photo:

Hi, everyone! I'm Michelle from China, export trader is my job and I want to find some sincere friend here and share things happy or unhappy together. Hope some friends can help me with my spoken English. Nice day!

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Zhengzhou LP Industry, specializes in magnet wire manufacturing for 20 years. 
Major products: enameled copper wire, enameled aluminum wire, fiber glass covered wire, paper covered wire, kapton copper wire, nomex paper covered wire, square magnet wire...
Application: all types of transformers, generators, electrical motors, rectifiers, inverters, and many other electrical windings.
Standard: IEC, GB, NEMA, JIS.
Contact: Michelle   mail:  Skype: lpchian09
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【百年前洋人学四川话教材】世界上唯一一本正式出版的四川话(英语)教材,《chinese lessons for first year students in west china》(华西第一年学生用中文教材),这本教材不仅记录了将消失的地道老成都方言,也展现了百年前洋人操一口四川话跟当地人交流的有趣场景!

"Σ(⊙▽⊙""a..." 给跪了... Orz
chinese lessons for first year students in west china
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That is really wonderful!
Does anyone else find it really annoying that most camera bags that are sold these days only offer room for camera gear without any extra compartments for all the other stuff you need?
This past year I have searched high and low for the perfect camera meets travel backpack. I found it in the Mountainsmith Borealis Camera Backpack, which offers room for both camera gear, as well as clothes, accessories, laptop, tablet and anything else you might need while traveling. That thing is perfect, check it out!

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Zhengzhou LP Industry--professional magnet wire manufacturer for 20 years in China.
Competitive products: Enameled copper wire, Enameled aluminum wire, Paper covered wire, Fiber glass covered wire, Nomex paper covered wire, Kapton copper wire, etc.

Standard: IEC, GB, NEMA, JIS.
Certification: UL, ISO, SGS, ROHS.

Application: All types of transformers, electrical motors, generators, rectifiers, inverters, welding machines, and many other electrical coils.

Our                                                                      For more details, do not hesitate to contact with me. 
Email: Skype: lpchina09
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