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Football is life
Football is life
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This community need a TURN UP MAN DATS WHATS UP!!!! #turndownforwhat  HMU YALL

ight so look i was at dis party and dis niqqa wlk up to me tlkin bout ummm i gtta take a shit ok i didnt know wat to do in this situation but i looked at dude like who tf u think i am im nt the damn charmine ultra strong toilet paper dis niqqa was in my face tlkin bout he gtta shit and the thing iss............................................ we was right beside the bathroom.

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and umm dere is this girl named kennedy marie mackey and all i gtta say is srry ok look we had our rough times i mean we beent hrough alot ive known u my whole life but what u did i can understand and i fogive u kenn im srry i lied fto u and im srry for everything i may have sed offensive the thing is we cn be friends but we cnt tlk to each other im srry ok we just too close for dat and u have a bf id wanna come in between all dat i hope u understand and i hope dat ur nt crying when u read dis thx and luv u sis
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