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This guy makes some great videos. If you're a subject matter expert on the US Primaries process, please take a moment to see if you can help him fill in some gaps for his next short.
The last major update to 'Work in Progress' before I record the script. If you can help out, I'd really appreciate it.

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Ethan Zuckerman is one of my favourite commentators on internet policy and social freedoms (some of the others being +Jesse Brown and, you guessed it, Cory Doctorow).

I first saw an earlier incarnation of this speech a couple years ago, but he's updated it with a lot of thoughts about the Arab Spring.

Audio Link:

The earlier version:
Internet Censorship: How Cute Cats Can Help


I wish there were a cognitive inoculation against nonsense memes and FUD, though Jenny McCarthy would probably campaign against it.

(I know there is and it's called "science", but that doesn't help me when my 8-year-old has gotten spooked by some 2012-doomsaying nitwit.)

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Kudos to Louis CK for recognizing that P2P file-sharing is as much a response to the failure of mainstream media distribution to keep apace with technological progress as it is about freeloaders wanting to rip off labels. Kudos to him for having enough faith in humanity to realize that most fans will gladly send some money his way for a video, provided he makes it easy for them and he doesn't try to gouge them for every cent he can squeeze out.

Even if you're not a fan of his comedy, please consider sending $5 his way so that he can make a big splash with this experiment, and maybe some of your favourite artists will be moved to try it themselves---and gods willing, hopefully it can become the new norm.

The more big names there are who conduct proofs of concept like this, the less impetus there should be for legislators to try to break the internet (see SOPA) just to prop up the obsolete business models of industries who are either ignorant or malicious. Industries who continue to act as though treating their customers like criminals is okay, and who restrict from here to Sunday all the different uses people might want to make of media that they've "bought", on the off chance that they can sell it to them over again in a different format. Industries who continue to think that it makes any sense whatsoever in the digital age to release or to license media content on a regional basis. They should already know that DRM doesn't prevent piracy. Let's show them that DRM-free can actually be an incentive to consumers!

(Thanks, +Sean Cranbury!)

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Diaspora* is an open source alternative to facebook and Google+. It is now live in Alpha testing mode. I've only noodled around it a bit, but it looks to be more like G+ than fb. The biggest differentiator in Diaspora's social dynamic from facebook or Google+ is that they use #hashtags as the central organizing principle for both posts and communities.

It appears that I can send out invitations, so let me know if you'd like me to send one your way.

Are we credit card-less people so few that big e-vendors lack business incentive to offer alternate payment options? #PathologicalEconomics

Isn't the Black Friday phenom worrisome? Retailers in the red for 90% of the year, only saved by Xmas frenzy. #PathologicalEconomics

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I found this through Neil Gaiman's blog the other day. It's primarily a resource (sponsored by Audible/Amazon) for semi-professional production of commercial audiobooks, which I think is pretty cool in and of itself, but there are some good resources there for us hobbyist audiobook performers too.

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Alert +Chris Anderson! Before atoms were the new bits, there was Bob Diemert who built a fighter plane in his back yard.

This has to be my favourite tweet in a long time...

@MisterPiercy: After listening to the Content audiobook many times (and now Context) I can't read @doctorow tweets without hearing the voice of @jrubak.
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