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Does anyone know how to write a regex that matches numbers between and including 17,210,369 to 34,420,736? Thanks!

I am looking at the effects of sampling in Google Analytics. But first I think I need to understand how filters work! I have two questions.

1. What is the difference that could happen to sampling if I "exclude" let's say /category pages and if I "search and replace" all /category pages as a single /category/ page?

After setting up the above filters in two different views: Let's say my product pages received 10,000 sessions yesterday in the unfiltered view. Now when I excluded all category pages in a different view, the traffic to product pages increased and was at 15,000 sessions on the same day!

Now in the other view where I search and replaced category pages to be tracked as a single /category/ url in GA, the sessions were same as the unfiltered view.

2. So does that mean I can reduce the effects of sampling or the high cardinality issue if I make a view to track only the product pages?

Hi, any idea why "Windows" is appearing as an OS under the Mobile > Devices report. It also shows "Windows Phone" which is a mobile OS. Digging into "Windows" I found that the devices are "not set", Microsoft Xbox One, Windows RT Tablet. Should I believe this report? And why would "not set" appear for the device's name?

Q on Search Console: The index status number in search console hasn't changed for last 4 weeks. But the sitemap index count is growing. Anyone see similar pattern in search console? 

I was tracking the sitemap index numbers for all the files I have submitted using Search Console. Noticed that in some weeks when I compare it with the last week, the index numbers goes down for the sitemap files, in the range of a few thousands. Any idea why this might be the case? Why would a page in the index get removed? There is no change in robots.txt, meta robots tag, canonical link.

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For the usage rights filter in Google Images, to enable it for my images should I add the license property for schema Image Object. Does it work? Or is it based on Google's classification of websites? Any one knows..

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Hi Guys, Please could you check my post regarding hacked content on Webmaster Central forum!topic/webmasters/AL-w4_vv-Oc Not sure what I should do! The website is not hacked! +John Mueller +Gary Illyes

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Has any one got image domains in Search Console. How's the crawl stats going? Mine is almost zero activity.

Has any one got image domains in Search Console. How's the crawl stats going? Mine is almost zero activity.
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