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Google #Analytics changed their terms. Visits were better than Sessions! Anyway will have to adjust with this!
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It makes more sense as we go more and more towards a cross device measurement ecosystem where mobile has no visits or unique visitors
'Sessions' is the term I have used to describe 'visits' to non-analytical colleagues up-to-now anyway, so I don't mind the change personally.
Agree! BTW guys anyone has any problem with Custom Segments. All of my custom segments are gone! Now I can only see the built in segments. Is this a bug? Can anyone please check and confirm.
+Nikhil Raj I still have all of mine. Check if your logged in as the right user. Segments are tied to the Google Account and not the Analytics Account 
Thank goodness. The confusion around visits and visitors will surely evaporate. 
I agree, Robert - clients often found that distinction confusing.
hi you are saying users means unique visitors but the help is saying ==> Users that have had at least one session within the selected date range. Includes both new and returning users. ==> new and returning visitors how can they be unique visitors
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