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Gary LaTraille
I love almost all things tech.
I love almost all things tech.
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Watch this
How I die... In case any of you wondered.

Is anyone else having wifi problems with Nexus 7 (2012) on Lollipop? I get the exclamation point on my office wifi network with no access but my Nexus 4 running CM11 has no issues with the same wifi connection.

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This looks like a job for +Swappa 

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I just searched #GMail  with "has:attachment" and it returned an email with no attachment, but a Dropbox link... and, conveniently, it turned out to be the file I was looking for. 

Mind blown. 

+Russell Holly
Happy Birthday!

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Check out this phone on +Swappa

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Another great idea from the guys at +Swappa!

Buy and sell all things mobile, including damaged phones, flashed phones, parts and accessories. 

+Marc Havermans I hope you have a EPIC day! Happy Birthday Marc!

+Cruzerlite It is very interesting to look on your Google+ page and see that your background is an add for the HTC One M8 case.  I just purchased one of these from Amazon.  I love the HTC One, especially the M8.  One of the best features is the Infra Red Remote in the power button.  You know the power button right?  The one that has "Precise cutouts provide easy access to all ports and buttons"?
Oh wait, Mine doesn't have any cutout for the infra red power button!  How could that get missed in the design?!
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