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'It amazes me that so few liberal-minded Americans know this, but in fact anxiety over cousin marriage is a peculiarly American thing, the product of the same nineteenth-century anxieties about supposed backwoods degenerates and “corruption of our racial stock” that led to the early-twentieth-century boom in “eugenics.”'

Amazes me, too.
The supposed depravity of cousin marriage: a moral panic we'd be better off without. Posted by Patrick at 08:50 AM * 3 comments. So last night North Carolina voters passed a dreadful amendment to ...
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Even more importantly:

'The problem with finding it hilarious that some states ban same-sex marriage but allow cousin marriage is that you’re basically trashing those states for having laws which are progressive. And when you slam a state like North Carolina with this stuff, you’re participating in a long American history of using cousin marriage as a way of imputing that poor rural people, particularly poor rural people in Appalachia and the South, are depraved, terrifying, and other.'
I wouldn't be helping the discussion if I remarked on how lovely my cousins are, would I?
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