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One man's journey through virtualization and general geekdom
One man's journey through virtualization and general geekdom

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I am currently pulling together an interactive, but not real, Nutanix web console to give potential customers a taste of what the actual Nutanix Web Console would be like. I am creating this with static images and using image maps to create clickable "hot spots" to simulate what the real experience would be like. This was necessary to be able to quickly provide a look and feel without giving anyone the ability to break or destroy a live system.

So far EVERY click goes to a new page with an image on it. This was the easiest and quickest way to create the experience without me having to learn anything new. I started to look at Hype 2 to create this, but it didn't seem that it would work with what I am trying to accomplish... or it would take too long for me to figure it out (probably will take the time eventually though). I was able to get very far in a few short hours using an imaging application (Pixelmator) to map out the appropriate x,y coordinates and came up with something that is pretty darn useable.

Feel free to check it out, but realize it is still in its infancy.
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