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Aaron Terrell
Fight, survive & live another day
Fight, survive & live another day
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Walks around to get a feel of the place

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My song for raising hell
Winds Of Plague - Reloaded (HQ)

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Thanks for the invite +Kg Tafiti 
(Update on profile)
Powers: Shadow/Bone manipulation, healing scale (Ronny & Adam keeps their skills hidden until they want to kill)
Bio: Left the asylum to join Onslaught, led a slaughterhouse that haunts his even now & mostly quiet
Classes: Weaponry, Ability extension, Strategic planning, Sparring
Personality: Unstable but calm at times
Likes: unknown
DIslikes: Annoyance
Name: Jack Ishida
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Bio: has 2 personalities (Ronny & Adam, both are extremely dangerous), keeps to himself

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Sits in my room, listening to Mysterious Priestess - Kusanagi no Tsurugi / Sophisticated Funeral FULL in a trance-like state (Jack's Story- Open RP)

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