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A simple one with CraZy DrEams ;-)
A simple one with CraZy DrEams ;-)
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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 166

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Meteor Shower over the Point Sur Lighthouse

Two nights ago I went out to shoot the meteors while here in Big Sur, California.  I woke up at a painful 3 AM to get out there.  I saw a bunch of shooting stars but didn't get any good photos of them.  If you are able to get a good meteor photo, then in my book, you are either a god or really lucky!

I did manage to get what you see below -- the lighthouse shining its light on the left and the car coming over the hills on the right.  

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#AlbumTheme: Rivers

We love to explore rivers because like lakes the provide a variety of opportunities to photograph. We often hile along the river banks photographing  different terrains along the way. 

I have arranged my album so that the first 15-20 images showcase the rivers and the terrain found around them. 

Enjoy & Share.
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Here at SXSW in Austin... thinking about being an introvert and stuff with all this chaos happening around me.  I am not really a party-kinda guy.  I prefer a nice open road alone like this below...  Socially, though, I do like small conversations among 1-3 people.  That is best for me.
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