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You can now read the most popular comics of the web on your smartphone – for FREE! Get an easy access to the absolute AWESOME comics with hundreds of thousands of online readers and an increasing collection of 15,000+ comic strips!

Check out our new website and follow the links to the App Store and Google Play!

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"I bet there are entire clusters on Facebook where nobody's ever heard of 2048. I wonder what they're like." -- +Qiaochu Yuan 

What about G+? Anyway, here's a small collection of variants!

* The original, in case you've managed to miss it:


* Doge:
* Finnish drinks:

Altered playing fields

* 3D:
* 4D:
* 9007199254740992:

Changed number merge mechanics

* Fibonacci:
* 2K48: 

Altered difficulty

* Easy mode:
* Hard mode:


* 2x2048:
* HN Plays 2048:


* Bash:

Other games

* Flappy:
* Logarithmic flappy:
* 2048 Tetris:

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90th Vasaloppet is 100 days away, 15.8k cross-country skiers, the mass start, 90km, I'll be one of those dots, wish me luck :) VASALOPPET 2011 HELICOPTER VIEWING
#Havuja   #Perkele  

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WTF is Comicked? Our latest post on the Witchcraft Labs Blog will explain what Comicked is about – and what it will be!

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To celebrate our worldwide release on the iPad, our team decided to start a blog. It aims to give you better insights about Comicked, comic publishining, entrepreneurship, and technology.

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Comicked for the iPad is now available worldwide!
Get it now from the App Store! And yes, it is still completely free!

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Thx Microsoft, who needs strong passwords anyway, would you be so kind and give me my n char long passwords back :) 

#microsoft   #security  

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If you launch your Comicked app now, you may notice that it looks very different. Also, more comics have been added!

With almost 14,000 unique comic strips, we are making preparations for going global with the iPad app!

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This video is mind-blowingly awesome.
All done in camera with projections.
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