Netflix Movie Review - Primer (2004) #moviereview #scifi #indie #primer #netflix
This is directed, written, produced, edited, and composed by Shane Carruth. I had heard some positive reviews and knew nothing about it, so I was curious how it is. FYI, it’s not a 77 minute movie, you should put 154 min aside for watching it, have your replay ready.

The story is about four engineers are working on a project outside of their daily job, and two of them carry on this project to the next extraordinary level. This summary obviously doesn’t sound complex, but honestly this is the most convoluted movie I’ve ever watched. At first, the dialogue is very technical and fast, this obviously creates confusion to the audience and I’m afraid some might lose interest - as an engineer, I had a hard time to keep up with them. Although, as the story goes on, more interesting incidents happen that can capture the attention again. However, the complexity of the storytelling is still in there, so the audience can get more confused or be more curious to learn more about the upcoming events in the story. One incident in the third act just doesn’t make sense to me, I feel like it’s just there for entertaining or creating a thriller sense to the movie - I wish the reason behind it was told more clearly. Also in my opinion, some of the confusions come from the presentation of the story – for example, if some scenes were shown better visually, either by better lighting or less blurry – although, I understand the budget of the movie was only $7,000, so technical problems would exist, and eventually it hurts the film a little bit. However for indie movies, I look at the big picture, the concept of this movie is unique, and what the director tries to do here is very much plausible. An indie movie like this encourages me to become a filmmaker, a movie like this proves with the lowest budget, with smallest possibilities, you can create something unique and follow your dreams.

I do definitely recommend this film, I also highly recommend using the chart in first link below or using the second link for more details. I at first rated it 7/10, then read the chart, I pumped it up to 7.5/10 – I possibly will like and rate higher once I re-watch it. Therefore, have your replay set for this film!
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