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2013 Movie Review - Europa Report #MovieReview #space #europa #ufo #scifi #alien
This film is written by Philip Gelatt and directed by Sebastián Cordero; who both are new to me. I was excited for this since the teaser and trailer looked interesting to me, but it didn’t quietly meet my expectations.

I start with the story, the premise is a spaceship with 6 crew members is being sent to Europa, one of the Jupiter’s moons which it is pretty much an island of ice and the crew is supposed to find any signs of life on it. Such a mission is actually in process currently; they’re building and engineering the spaceship, but obviously without sending any crews. The second act has some gripping moments and these moments continue on to the final act, and in my opinion it has a satisfying ending. However, there’s this particular moment or scene in the second act that doesn’t make sense to me and it bothers me a lot. Then regarding the directing, the style of the movie is pretty much a “found footage” film, and I honestly think he does a wonderful job to make the film pretty realistic and scientifically correct, and his visual effect team has done a great job for a low budget film to make those pictures beautiful and believable. However, I believe the chemistry and emotion between the characters are lacking, I don’t know if it comes from the script or directing or even editing, but this definitely hurts the film. Another problem that hurts the film is the time jumping when they’re on Europa, I think this should’ve been shown in a better way; scientifically it’s correct but it’s represented not too well. Also for some, this can be a boring film; there are a lot exterior shots of space, some fast forwarding images, and the gripping moments happen almost halfway of the movie. About the suspense moments, they remind me of Alien, they’re not as good as that but the style of it is similar. So if that style bores you, then definitely this will be boring to you. The soundtrack is fine and so are the performances, but I think the performances could have been better if the characters were bonded better.

Overall, I liked it, but I was expecting a better film, I even wanted to like it more than Moon. Even though the ending satisfied me (maybe because it reminded me of Doktor Sleepless comic book) but I liked Moon a lot more. This is a little bit of an artsy, found footage, sci-fi film, and so there some slow moments, I’d say if you wouldn’t like the first 25 minutes, you wouldn’t like the rest. Therefore, it won’t hurt to rent it, so I give it 7/10.

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Not in theaters but it is available on iTunes for renting. 
Good to know! Now I have a movie for the weekend.
So I finally got to seeing this. Really liked it a lot. I dare say on of the better SciFi movies in a long time. If I had to say why it's probably because they did an excellent job making you feel as isolated as they were. You feel that distance. Also the music was top notch.
[spoiler] the death of sharlto copley really bothered me and didn't make sense to me
YES!!! I felt it was such a waste but what didn't you get about it?
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