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My team and I are considering how to best use Hangouts. We believe that because they are limited to 10 people, that the topics should be very narrow so as to attract people to care specifically about those issues. Please let me know which of these topics you are interested in: Privatizing NASA; NIH reform; Repealing Dodd-Frank; Repealing Sarbanes-Oxley; Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, Creating Personal Social Security Accounts; Judicial Activism; Increased Funding for Brain Science. Any other topic suggestions?
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Could you take a single video feed and rebroadcast it to multiple hangouts with a moderator in each? Then questions could be passed back to the main live feed and redistributed to the Hangouts
NASA, or implementing the 1950 Production Act.
@Dickie Adams has a point. You could narrow cast, but record it (if possible) and than offer it up via itunes, and other services.
I'm pretty sure more than 10 ppl are interested in all of those topics. Try facebook?
This is pretty neat and an interesting approach.
Privatizing NASA, deficit reduction, How to address real welfare reform
Any plans to discuss intellectual property topics? (PROTECT-IP, ten-strikes bill, etc)
I'm interested in the topic of privatizing NASA. Space exploration is extremely important for this nation and the world, and humans explorers by nature.
I'm interested in: Privatizing NASA, Brain Science, NIH Reform.
This is the first and last comment I'm going to write on your profile. But I hope you don't win :)
Well sir, probably the only things we'd agree on philosophically or otherwise would be the brain science... possibly privatizing NASA, as I think it may finally be time for it.
I wouldn't think that a forum of 10 people is worth your time. Perhaps saving it as a sharable video where you can reach a few more people
How about your ideas on how to work better and increase cooperation between both parties? Our political system deals with that a lot, so it'd be interesting to hear what your thoughts on it are.
I'm also interested in privatizing NASA. The government does a horrible job at managing anything which usually results in skyrocketing costs that are only passed on to tax payers. Privatizing this industry could advance our ability to explore space at a more rapid and efficient pace.
Way to contribute, +Paul Moreira.

Back to the subject, I'd like to break the education subject down into smaller bites: how to deflate the higher-education bubble in an orderly fashion, how to use the old apprenticeships method and Vo-Tech schools to prepare for new tech careers, and how to decentralize control of the education system.
The moderator app does look like a good way to conduct a forum for discussing various topics.
Education, education, education! Public schools are just not making the cut, and its extremely disappointing. I had to leave my public school district because it was only catering to the bottom of the bell curve. NCLB is killing innovation in schools.
Military funding and allocation between the different branches.
How to effectively reduce the deficit
I thought the Republican platform included smaller government. Yet, most Republicans only want to shrink government is some areas. I'd be interested in finding one that really meant it.
It would be nice if Google allowed as many people as possible to come into a Hangout but only 10 at a time (first 10, whatever) can be seen... the rest can watch along.
Perhaps they can provide a larger platform for major events such as hosting townhalls with Presidential Candidates, celebrity chats, etc.
Increasing awareness about IPv6 transition and educating the public regarding the notable increase in efficiency of a grid hosted in the protocol. Use such logic to compel adults to once again enter the room regarding U.S. energy policy and ask those who push green zealotry and emotion but neglect real science to go elsewhere.. eg. "If we don't do something about climate change we all die next week.."

Hopefully soon Goog+ opens hangouts up to hold more than 10... Whatever the case though, if you launch one about energy policy and I am staring at the stream I'll try to horn before it becomes full.

gl on the trail
NASA would be interesting
Relationship with China
The Economist says we have come to the end of the space age. I want to make sure that's not true.
My vote is for creating Personal Social Security Accounts both for this forum and in general!
Interested in Federal Reserve Monetary Policy :)
I'll definitely vote for you... if you lower the voting age:) I will literally be 17 and like 11 months at the next election.
Repealing sarbanes-oxley. im going into consulting, that totally put a damper on the industry- just about killed the consulting side of the big 4
Nasa Privatisation & Brain science gets my vote from your list. Would go further and suggest bringing together the latest in 'Consciousness Studies' and the crossover into Neuroscience - would certainly make for a lively discussion IMO...
Newt's team- You may want to hold a Goto Meeting that can hold 1000, record it, announce details here, then for those that don't get on, upload the recorded call and Link to call for people to listen that didn't get in.... it just makes sense, and the ability to reach large numbers and let messages go viral
Memo to Newt: NASA is ALREADY being privatized — the last shuttle launch is this weekend!
Not true, Michael. Though the shuttle launches for the last time, NASA still holds the exclusive ability to put (or allow others to put) human beings into space. As well, NASA is still very much in the space exploratio business, through un-manned means.
Jimmie if you don't have a spaceship — or one available right away — you aren't as of that moment in the manned space exploration biz. However Russia and China don't have that issue...
If you hold all the rights in a certain country to the manned space exploration business so that no one else can enter that business without your express permission, you're in that business.
Jimmie it's actually ideal to launch a rocket as close to the equator as you can — so there's nothing from stopping an American company right now from launching from another country: In fact the ESA launches from South America all the time.

The depressing fact of the matter is that after Sunday that the United States won't have a manned space program, and while he wasn't President it's fair to say that Newt deserves some blame for not doing anything in the 90s when the shuttle program should have been replaced in the first place,
Steve K
Personal Social Security: Would any of that be retroactive?
Somebody needs to start talking about monetary policy in terms that ordinary people can understand.
I'm in the software industry where our primary concern is software patent reform. The current patent system is absolutely crazy when applied to software yet the issue has never been touched by congress, even when heavyweights like IBM call for changes. The current patent reform bill fixes some major problems with the patent office, but doesn't do much to address the significant problems related to software patents.
Increased funding in fundamental science research and education. I may end up as the only person in that hang out though.
+Miguel de Icaza Think I will hang out in the 'Increased funding for fundamental education and science research' instead :)
Judicial Activism, Privatizing NASA, Creating Personal Social Security Accounts!
Top issue for me? Restoring Glass-Steagall as fully as possible so that we eliminate TBTF and bailouts once and for all. Commercial banks that are federally insured must be separated from investment banks and other funds that make most of their profits from proprietary trading that creates global systemic risk. Banks that make their profits from trading in derivatives, swaps, etc, should not be federal insured. Goldman Sachs had record profits in 2009. JP Morgan Chase had record earnings in Q1 2011 ($5 billion) while loaning only $10 billion to small businesses last year. That's .5% of their $2 trillion in assets.
Google+ is new, Hangouts are new, and you are famous. It will be filled in .000000001 seconds regardless of topic.
NASA and other future science funding in general
I'm interested in discussing the 'food safety act'. I'm a small farmer, I sell eggs at our local farmers' market, and this law will stop me from selling eggs anymore - it is way too expensive and intrusive.
I don't think Hangouts are limited to 10 -- check Michael Dell's stream; he seems to hangout w/ @ 25 people every day.
It is 10 at a time..including the host. It'll show more because some leave and others join.
Sarbanes-Oxley is just a bunch of hoops and paperwork that in the end does very little but cause more work for people creating technology and it harms people wanting to go public. Let's get rid of bloated legislation.
I cofounded a startup that received a multi-year, $1.5M neuro-related NIH SBIR grant. It would be interesting to have a Hangout to discuss some of the challenges and limitations of the NIH small business initiatives.
Get10 strategic people to discuss an issue in a hangout and then screen cap it and upload as a video to share with everyone...
Where is the 'Like' button when you need it
It's called +1 here Miguel. Same as "like".
stem cells and alternative energy
I would be interested in discussion of "Judicial Activism" which has become a poisonous and politically-loaded buzzword that, in being slung around with the mud, increases ignorance of what appellate judges actually do, and weakens our nation's political discourse.
Privatizing the space program would be a bad idea IMO, so I think that is a good topic.
I'd pay money to view a hangout between you and Jerry Pournelle if he's on here yet
Jimmie, both Russia and China have space programs, and I can assure you NASA has no control over either. In fact we are currently CONTRACTED with Russia to send OUR astronauts into space because WE no longer have that capability. Russia also what, tripled the previously agreed upon price (last I saw, it was up to 54 million, per person, per flight.). What if one if our military satellites need service and Russia decides no, they won't take them if that is there mission? Private industry will only get into space if there is money to be made (maybe launching commercial satellites), but going to the moon? Probes to Mars and beyond, there's no money in that, only knowledge of whats around us. NASA's budget is actually quite small.
Yeah, it's not meant to host political events. it's for small groups of friends.
Google is far more than search. Google+'s Hangouts is for face-to-face interaction with close people. Google Reader is for tracking/reading/sharing RSS feeds. GMail is email for over 200 million users. Picasa is photo sharing. Android is a mobile OS. Calendars, Blogs, Shopping, Translate, Maps.... The point is you have to know where/how to use whatever the different services are rather than trying to force the "trrendy new thing" into your public life. Hangouts isn't meant for the that.
Repeal Dodd-Frank & Sarbanes-Okley and reinstating Glass–Steagall Act
Creating personal social security accounts would be at the top of my list. I'm only 32, so I hate the idea that I'm spending so much of my money into Social Security, especially when coupled with the idea that I may never reap their benefits.
I don't disagree with the evolution and feature-adding capabilities/trends of Google. I'm merely stating certain things are best used certain ways. The problem arises when you try to use something meant to be social / interacting and you want it to be a public podium. It's asking hangout to be ustream/justin,tv. rather than with people you're connected with/ involved with it's just making it a free tv channel to promote yourself rather than truly interact.
How to get rid of Obama in 2012 is a topic I'd like to see.
Education reform...specifically, the failures of No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
I'd be interested in NASA privitization... Some ideas: An energy independence circle, debt reduction, and how to get the conservative message out to young americans.
Incredibly interested in hearing your arguments for the repeal of SOX and your stance on monetary policy. Excited for the idea of Hangouts being used in this way!
I think hangouts are effective because they allow us to see what You as a candidate are like, what topics are interesting to you, and how you respond to dynamic situations.

One of the most striking things about your latest hangout was your depth of knowledge on a large variety of topics. too often we - the voters - find candidates forced to speak only in talking points and stay "on message". Hangouts allow for small town hall type meetings to be broadcasted (via youtube) to the rest of the country.

This is one of the reasons why audiences turn to late night talk shows such as the Daily Show, we want to talk to a candidate, we want to know who they really are - not because we want to have a beer with them, but because we want to know that they are a real person who understands the issues, and understands who they are representing.

...I know it probably isn't the most pressing matter in these trying times, but funding for brain science intrigues me. I'd like for us to get to the point where I can upload my consciousness before my mind starts failing me someday, after all. ;)
I think all those are great ideas but I view those as being Initiatives vs being Campaign Issues. When you are President it will be a welcome change to have "Czars" appointed for these Initiatives vs the phoney Obama legions and their nonsense that we now have.

But if you want more ideas, I would add (I haven't read any of the other posts so I apologize for repeating anything previously spoken about):

An initiative for "Shared Values". How to define them, how to teach them & why. The "Why" being the most important. The Country will never come together unless we have Shared Values. Your books outline & define these Values quite well.

An issue I'd like to see spoken about is the fundamental belief system that created the direction & policies followed by Democrats that have caused this crisis in America.

Everyone will speak of the band-aid solutions for our country like Jobs ( and Lord knows I need one) but until the real problems, the real threats, the real reasons are brought to light then America will always be on the rollercoaster of quick fixes. We need lasting change.

Another unique thing you could do is choose a VP. You'd then have 2 of you out there. Double the coverage, twice the exposure. Plus, it would broaden your fundraising base. Just a thought.

No matter what you choose to do, I firmly believe that you are the best of our choices, declared or undeclared.

Your Historical & Philosophical perspective are sorely needed for America to remember its way. A Way that has far greater benefits for its citizens than any pro(re)gressive fantasy.

Your Legislative abilities are much more impressive than any of the others. Who else was voted into power on the basis of their plan and then passed it every bit of it? None but you.
I'm interested in Privatizing NASA and the idea in general of encouraging competition of ideas.
The future of the Nuclear Industry in the United States and NASA
Repealing SOX? Why? I know it has been great for people in my line of work (accounting). However, I would be interested in talking about it and why you think it might be a good idea.
Increased funding for brain science!
Healthcare Legislation Improvements
I will definitely want to add entitlements (general) or immigration reform
I'm interested in your plan and thoughts on "reducing the size of government." I'm also interested in hearing any of your thoughts and plans to increase small business in America.
Mr. Gingrich. I liked you as Speaker and am impressed by much of your current platform, however I believe that the traditional Republican idea of the United States as World Policeman should be reconsidered. As a student of Jefferson, you must have wondered once or twice whether he would really have embraced the funding of military adventurers like Israel and Pakistan, and anarchistic heroin-factories like Afghanistan. I would think your campaign would benefit from a group discussing the reasonable but significant downsizing of the Pentagon--including an actual audit. I doubt if any of the Joint Chiefs of Staff know where half this money goes and I'm sure the current Homeland Security Czar hasn't the faintest clue.
Repeal Obamacare! I like the Pell Grant idea for K-12...that or vouchers!
So do I - that grant/voucher idea is fantastic
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