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#3 is the way to go, but also rather than using a manual screwdriver, use an impact driver with a #3 bit.  Far, far, far less risk of stripping the head of the screw, and much more temperature and rust tolerant as well.
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The bike they were had was a black dual-sport model I was interested in, in a year/mileage range I was interested in. When I researched the price, the Kelley Blue Book was a full $1,000 less than the price they were asking! ($4,999 vs. $3,999) That's insultingly disrespectful to an educated buyer. I'd argue it's dishonest, and is certainly a poor business model. Trying to rip off the customer isn't how you lure potential prospects - and the book value of a bike is where you negotiate FROM, not TO, Bob Weaver Motorsports! I found a much better deal elsewhere, on a bike that actually had some nicer options, compared to that bike. I'm glad I passed. Needless to say, I'll support other local businesses for my helmet, jacket, gloves, and anything else I'll need. I won't be back.
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Terrible customer service. I brought a box that I hadn't quite fully taped up at home, as I needed to slip a letter inside the package, so left one flap un-taped. At the UPS store, I asked the guy if he could tape that one flap shut, after inserting what I needed to, he said "it'll be a dollar to use any tape on your box, even that one flap." By comparison, I ship with FedEx a lot, and never have any issues. The agents have even virtually re-taped some of my packages, just because they felt it didn't seem secure enough - and never a charge. Tape is cheap, very cheap. So I walked out of the store, walked into the dollar store next door, bought my own roll of packaging tape (mounted on a dispenser even) - an entire roll - for $1, and taped the flap shut myself. And had basically an entire roll left. I asked them if I could leave it here for other customers to use and they said I could not. Needless to say, I'll be shipping everything with FedEx (who is cheaper on large/heavy items at any rate), and USPS (who is cheaper/faster on lighter/smaller items). I suggest you do the same, and possibly UPS will learn how much money they can LOSE by trying to molest nickels and dimes and entire dollars from their customers. Lost customers, that is.
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The owner puts some effort into having interesting things on the menu, and doing things right. Pizza is consistently good, regular/pepperoni pizza has a great flavor. Their Touchdown pizza is possibly the best steak pizza in WNY. And great subs too. I don't get take out too often, but as far as pizza places go, I'm a regular here.
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