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Great article on the Berlin Painter - one of the finest Greek vase painters.
He had 'the newly fashionable scenes of sexual pursuit' off to a T!

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Happy Birthday Lord Byron, born on this day in 1788. Here he is looking gorgeous in Albanian costume. Byron joined the Greek War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. He was coined as 'Mad, bad, and dangerous to know' by Lady Caroline Lamb.

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Safavid water channels and network revealed under Imam Mosque and Naqsh-e Jahan Square Isfahan,

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A group of friends stumbled across an unusual arrangement of stones in Sicily, which experts have now confirmed form a prehistoric sundial dating back to the Bronze Age.

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For anyone who likes Ancient Greece - check out the e-library of publications from the main Archaeological Museums of Greece. Wonderful work by the Latsis Foundation.

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I can't wait to go and see this Macedonian built tomb - newly open to the public in Thessaloniki.
"Dated at the end of the late 4th and early 3rd century BC, the tomb entrance is a 15-meter corridor that leads to a monumental facade of Ionian style and ends in a marble sarcophagus in the burial chamber. The monument is of exceptional architecture and its dimensions are 10m X 8m. According to archaeologists, it was built by wealthy veteran soldiers of Alexander the Great after their return from the campaign in the East."

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I just donated to Wikipedia! Where would we be without it?

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How exciting! Alexandria on the Tigris, founded by Alexander the Great in 324 is being excavated. It is a massive site.

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I just sent St John some old postcards I bought in a shop in Isfahan, Iran. Have you got any old postcards from the Middle East? If so, send them to the British Museum!

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A Visit to a Zur-Khana or 'House of Strength' in Isfahan
On my recent visit to Iran we were lucky
enough to visit a Zur-Khana or ‘House of Strength’ – one of the traditional
gymnasiums found in Iran.   (Thank you
Stella for suggesting the visit). The activity
taking place at the House of Strength is sometimes ref...
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