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Coffee Break
Life, Lately What time did I wake up?  Coffee o'clock.  The last week has been crazy. Faithful readers... the few, the proud, the brave... please bear with me for the next week/month. I have some big transitions and adventures coming up, which means life is...

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After Work Therapy
The Adult Life  There are some things I just didn't get before entering the adult world. Things like, why do adults watch so much TV? ( my junior high self thought they should read a book or go outside and play! ) Why don't they work out more? Why do they s...

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Girls in White Dresses...  ...with blue satin sashes, snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Silver white winters that melt into spring... These are a few of my favorite things.  I love all of those things! Well, I don't actually own a satin blue s...

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Morning Beverage
Adventures Should Start With Coffee Adventures... whether by road trip, plane ride, or a walk around the block, seem to start better with coffee.  Really, I think every day starts better with coffee. But everyday has the potential for adventure, so it total...

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Life has many ups and downs, and at times, can be tiring.  Whenever I find myself tired, the deep kind of tired, I remind myself of this beautiful verse . Lindsey is actually the first person to point this verse out to me, and I have loved it ever since:   ...

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An Unpredictable Friendship
The Places You'll Go & The People You'll Meet  You never know who you're going to meet, or how it will impact you...  Hannah, the girl in the picture above, is one of my best friends my college and was one my roommates my sophomore year. When we first met, ...

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Home Decorating Ideas
Welcome Home  A dog, a fireplace, and a lovely rug. Isn't that sight so welcoming?  I love looking at pictures of other homes and apartments. There is not a home decorator or interior designer hidden anywhere inside of me, so I have to look at other people'...

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My Husband Rocks.
My Wish Was Granted. My husband is the best ever. Seriously, he rocks. Yesterday , I blogged about what I'd buy if I was given a billion dollars, and I said I'd buy Honeycrisp apples. (dream big. I know. I'd probably also buy a beach house, a library full o...

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Wish List
What Would You Buy if You Were a Billionaire?  What would you buy if someone gave you a billion dollars? I'm not talking about the wise choices, or the investments you'd make... I'm talking about the silly or the frivolous, or the dreams you've had that you...

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Tech Tips
15 Things You Didn't Know  Your iPhone Could Do So I'm not the most tech savvy girl around... but did you know that you can see the time stamps on your text messages? Or that you can use your phone as a level when hanging pictures? Or get Siri  to read your...
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