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A flurry of new G+ followers! Today I'm heading to Derby Uni to meet a cluster of 4 projects from Loughborough, Southampton, Roehampton and Derby all trying out Service Design to develop data visualisations based on cunning educational analytics to help staff and students predict student failure or enhance the overall experience. Should be exciting. Anyone else onto
Analytics for HE?

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Heading to the London Office for a Think Tank on Academic / Educational / Learning Analytics / Informatics, depending how the conversations go. Have found these any more recommendations - who are the leaders in this area? What's the potential? I want to look across the business so assistance to make strategic decisions, not just student progression

Two things today. I'm an agent of change. Just decided to abandon BBC news for Guardian for a bit. Thing number 2. Rich Goodman posted a link to migrating FB friends to Gplus using Yahoomail in a stream of mine. I can't find it in the circle stream I have Rich in. It's not in Public or Incoming. I'm defeated - Rich, can you repost?

Any developments on integrating with FB / Twitter learned folks?

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Thanks to Mike Ellis for this. Loving very evocative, sadly a bit short on old photos myself, anyone able to upload?

Anyone able to recommend a robust way of doing Selective Tweets for G+, or am I way off piste?

Todays G+ effort: Circles created, suggested Contacts added, Profile updated, iPhone App installed.

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