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check out my new show!
check out my new show!

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I sat down with Fr. Andrew Budzinski, vocations director for the +Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and we talked about discernment and how to foster faithful vocations.

And Live from Bishop Simon Bruté Seminary:
-Mark Hellinger
-Caleb Kruse
-David Langford

Listen Here:

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Children as Gift with Rick Becker🎁
🐐+Matthew 25 Health & Dental Clinic Clinic with Dr. Bradley Isbister🐑
👕Catholic Stuff You'd Wear👖

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Wanna know what was on the show... every day? Text DAILYKYLE to 44222 and get an email when a new podcast is posted with a short summary, the links mentioned, and some images.

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I just fixed the latch on the door to our garage.

"Hey Honey, is there anything else you want me to fix while I have all four of my tools out?"

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#theCCsummit2017 wrap up chat & what does youth ministry have to do with fighting?

And why did Chris say:💩🍔

The Catholic Creatives Summit is over, but +Nikolai Medow, +Michael O'Sullivan, and +Bradley Santos have some thoughts to share! Including some advice for reaching your parishioners!

And Christopher Bartlett from St Williams Catholic Church Round Rock Texas and Next level ministry has some GREAT advice for youth ministry programs.
(you can also subscribe to the podcast, or download the +Redeemer Radio app)

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One of my favorite!
Don't miss this conversation with 4 artists at #theccsummit2017 in Texas.
Art, quality, community, and investing.

☕️+Patrick Padley
🎨+Erica Tighe from Be A Heart
🎧+Nathan Proulx from +Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend
🎭and +Michael O'Sullivan from +Motivation Media, Inc.

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Or listen here:

Who should you pick for Godparents?
What should you do if you are a Godparent?
What if something happens to a Godparent?
+kathy fech has the scoop! 👫

And +Kate Wicker explains how we can stop pretending we are perfect, or at least why we should have reasonable expectations. Oh, and Poopcaso! 💩

and game. 📙

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1. Career Ministry with Molly Roman 👨‍💼
2. Pope Game - Over/Under ☝️👇
3. Lent Booster 💉

¡Escucha!🌮(like ear tacos)

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Why confess your sins to a priest? The Bible tells me so. --

Hey! Why do you go to confession to a priest?
Want to play a game?
Want to be a better dad?

Okay, check this out:

+Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend is offering confession tonight.
+Andrea Serrani and +Kyle Heimann learn stuff with a game
Dr. +Gregory Popcak has a new book from +Ave Maria Press for dads!

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