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Author, Father, & Geek


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In the RIFTS: Displacement Prologue Part 2 “Shudder” we see the end of Golden Age Earth from high above.

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We go back to before our story starts in order read the first part of a multi-part (probably 5 parts) prologue. Read it, love it, and it will change your life... or maybe you'll just be mildly amused.

I will flood my corner of the net with my Leftist Progressive views and not even bother looking for my fucks to give about the reaction.

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Even Mr. J gets it.


There will be a lot of blood spilled before things get better. I really honestly thought we were moving past this.

I apologize to the kids.

Racists and NAZI's in our streets, war drums all round us, our allies pushed away and abandoned. Welcome to Trumps America.


Would really like to watch SCOTT PILGRIM right now.

Spent most of today applying for a "Real Job" ... this is kinda soul crushing.

#RealWorld #AmIStillAWriter #NeverGonnaBeAbleToRetire #FML

This is hard to write, but I think it's a long time coming. I'm taking a sabbatical from the writing world effective immediately.

What does this mean exactly?

As of right now, my ongoing series (Shores of the Dead, Frankenstein, Summer Camp of the Dead, Bunny Bunni & Bobby, Rifts Threads, and The Preserve) are all on indefinite hold. There are a few works in the editorial pipeline at the moment which will be released this year, but as of now, all writing has been suspended indefinitely. I apologize to all the fans of these works, and I promise I will eventually get back to them. I love the worlds I’ve created, and I don’t want them to die.

Now for a brief and I’m afraid less than satisfactory explanation.

The last two years have been hard on me between the failure of my company and personal issues that do not need to be aired in public I am shot. I have no more energy or passion to give to my work. Everything I’ve tried to write over the last two years, with the exception of the few things I’ve published, have been subpar and embarrassing. I’ve never claimed I was a great writer, but I’ve always loved the work I’ve done… until now.
Simply put family, medical, and professional issues have culminated and forced me into this decision.

I just want to take a final moment to thank all of my readers, peers, and supporters. You’ve all been amazing over the last five years, and I hope to return to this world as soon as possible.

- Josh

I want to manage a hot fish shop in the Midwest.

#LifeGoals #IWannaBeLikeJoel #MST3K #MysteryScienceTheater3000 #JoelRobinson
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