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@11:26 that toyota pickup is badass´╗┐
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Disrespectful service. Had a very rude and embarrasing experience here today. I ordered my usual drink, dr. pepper, and the waitress was polite to us, everything was fine. Then another lady working in the back came up to me in the middle of lunch hour and asked in a rude manner, "So do you want me to go ahead and bring you a Coke now since you ALWAYS end up changing it?". We had been in one time before and the drink tasted bitter, you can tell their machine was low on syrup. We did the same as any other sensible person would do and politely let the staff know. Apparently now I am the source of their ridicule when we eat there. Not anymore. I will take my money elsewhere.This lady talked to me like I was some indecisive toddler. No Maam if I wanted a Coke I would have ordered a Coke. As a business owner with an A+ rating through the BBB, I am shocked at how badly many businesses treat custmers these days and this is a perfect example.
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