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Ann Elfwind
Once pervert, allways pervert!
Once pervert, allways pervert!

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Vaal is funny!
Oh, and I want Tomix back.

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Bring Him Back!
I'm talking about Tomix from DragonFable. He's one of my favorite characters. Along with Warlic. However, I just finished the Book 3 Ravenloss Saga - aka the Void Ship, and I'm angry. They killed him! Tomix is dead, but his spirit is not where it should be,...

Finally figured how to beat the stupid Void Ship! The answer is BACON!

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Terry Shott - The Game is Life Book 1: The Game
Well, recently I finished this book. I get deals from BookBub sent to my e-mail and whenever I see a book that is free for downloading, I read the description and when I read this one, I was hooked. Thing is, I have another book that I want to finish, but w...

Just came back from Billa. Went with mom on our bikes. Waaay too many cars on the roads. But meh, what do I expect... It's Friday.

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Well, I've had it with the dark design. Normally, I wouldn't complain about it, but it was bugging me for a while now. I mean... I like dark colors and all, but in this case, it just wasn't working. I swill probably still have to fix the font size. Probably...

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This week was a great update for Star Stable. They added Spirit to the game. The Wild horse from the old Disney movie that a lot of us saw and loved. Dream works made a TV series on Netflix featuring Spirit's son as the main horse. Can't talk about the show...

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Almost Human [2013-2014]
I had two reasons to start watching this show. One, it stars Karl Urban. Two, there are a lot of fanfictions and when I browse AO3 based on tags, I have to sift through a lot of them and since I wasn't in the fandom yet, it was annoying. Now, I'm probably g...

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Logan [2017]
There will be spoilers! So, about a week back, I saw the movie Logan. Online of course. And I was disappointed. The girl playing Logan's daughter was good. Really good. At least in my opinion. But the story itself, not so much. The integration of Professor ...

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Three pics
So, I decided to add some of my newer pics. These three were finished just recently and I had some free time so I used my laptop's camera and made photos. After I trimmed the pohotos in PhotoFiltre so that I wasn't in the picture. Or my fingers for that mat...
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