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Dr. Suanne Gibson
HEA Professor Sir Ron Cooke International Scholarship Scheme 2013-14
HEA Professor Sir Ron Cooke International Scholarship Scheme 2013-14


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BESA 2014 abstract:

Listening to our ‘diverse’ students and preparing learning futures to enhance the retention and academic success of all. Reflections on a HEA International Scholarship 2013-2014.

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Off to BESA conference at Glasgow University next week with two of my wonderful students from the Plymouth UK focus group! I will attach the paper abstract and also info on a workshop I'm delivering to the postgrad BESA conference on focus groups. Really looking forward to seeing familiar faces and old friends plus enjoying seeing my old University where I completed a Masters in Russian and East European studies a good few years ago!

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Very clever 'one stop shop' library and learning support resources all open plan and beside the student hub!
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Had an amazing 2 days on Kapiti island over the weekend.

Kiwi watching at night, rare bird species spotting by day and hikes to the top of the island and a hot tub dip too! A wonderful location and quality time spent reflecting on first FGs for New Zealand- much accomplished over the past 2 weeks!
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Looking forward to my talk at Victoria later today. It will be held at the Faculty of Education, academics, PhDs students and the University student support services have been invited. I'll post a photo of the flyer later.

'Questions and dilemmas of inclusive education- A UK voice and international responses for a pedagogy of relationship.'

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Some visual and very 'present' resources at Victoria Uni student hub & library promoting student support and academic development. Enabling a 'normalised' perception without stigma- all very liberating! We could learn a lot from such tactics and uses of social/multi media tools. And wow - what a view whilst working on that paper!! 
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Focus group 3 in Plymouth UK went exceptionally well. We confirmed key emergent themes as discussed by our student partners and we booked a post Easter follow up party, -drinks and canapés, to thank our wonderful FG members for their time and commitment. By then Alison and I hope to share good news about related conference abstracts!
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Wellington is a very beautiful city. Last couple days I've been meeting some great students at Victoria University and promoting the HEA project with Delia. The questionnaire is now live across 3 student cohorts and plans are to write, check survey monkey and write some more! Plus explore Wellington during breaks and visit their amazing museum Te Papa!

FG 3 at Plymouth tomorrow!  The plan  for our time together-

 12pm-2pm Lunch to start .... a very important ingredient!

FG 3 Plymouth UK
A) Theme cards from FG 2 onto floor in themed groups with a centre circle poster with the group's KEY themes as agreed.
B) Invite group to reflect or suggest any further thoughts they have had on the project since the last meeting and RECORD.
C) Time for group to work in pairs. Pair activity reflecting on JQ document (material will be provided) and how that links to stories shared or key themes.
D) RECORD- pairs feeding back thoughts on JQ report and what they have been discussing.
E) Invite groups of 4 (2 of previous pairs perhaps) to spend time with paper and pens thinking about practical steps university could take to realise or respond to key themes.
F) Bring whole group back to circle and RECORD feedback from that  activity.
G) Agree a date for post Easter party where Alison and Suanne will be able to thank our brilliant FG members and share our plans regarding outputs of the work- conferences, publications and policy developments.

Getting very excited as I try to plan and meet deadlines before my ( two day) flight next Friday eve to Wellington NZ! Looking forward to meeting Delia, her colleagues and wonderful students at!
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