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Research faculty
Here, I will bring up issues regarding the faculty and
especially the differences that are seen within each system. This includes:
responsibility, employment, evaluation, promotion and expectations. As in the
other posts, I will first describe each universi...
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Graduate studies In this post, I will show how the graduate studies are
different between the two universities. This involves all steps from enrollment
(and demand for the enrollment) to graduation. Initially, each of the
universities is discussed separatel...
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The role of the lecturer
Here, the function of the position lecturer is discussed
from the two perspectives at UC Berkeley and at U of Borås and especially the
engineering education view is reflected upon. The definition and todays’ usage
are a bit different but the intention with ...
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Teaching at undergraduate levels
In this post I will describe how teaching is performed at
the two universities and what separates them. The main comparison will come
from the course Process Design (CBE160) at UC Berkeley and the corresponding
counterpart at University of Borås (Process De...
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Financing of undergraduate education
The intention with this post is to describe different
financial aspects that impacts undergraduate teaching. Everything written here
is based from my experiences and collected information from various sources
like reports and other teachers and then compile...
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