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New Video talking about what it takes to make sharp freehand cuts with wall paint against trim.

Kovrd Bags So many uses.

Work has been very busy as we approach the holidays. This is always the busiest time of the year and it runs solid until Christmas Day. Sometimes we get spread so thin that often one guy is working several jobs. In my case, I have 5 new houses going at once for just myself. That means it is not uncommon to be on 3 different jobs during the day.

The Kovrd bags come in handy for bouncing between jobs. Today I had one job with 2 colors going that I need to get back into tomorrow. Another job not too far away with another Kovrd bag setup. Then, at 4:00 today I had to shoot over to another new start to prime all bath areas for the tile guy who's scheduled in the morning. So there is another Kovrd bag used and left there until I can get back to finish priming the house.

I never looked at the Kovrd bags a money savers, (and they are) but I find the most value in allowing me to be able to setup a color and leave it over night or until days later.


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The Rolling Edition October 2013 | Painthacker Magazine

How much can a 15 minute conversation with me save a painter on a single job?

Not much... just $30,000 or so.

So, if you asked me and I suggested different products and a few other things... would you change your ways to save 30 grand and stick that money in your pocket? That's a new truck!. Cash. Saving that kind of dough on one job is nothing. The things we're doing are radically different so we outlined this particular money saving trick in the magazine and explain what being efficient is all about. 

See... painting is very complex, but when the complexity is removed from the equation, its simple to save a ton of money.

omg I'm starting to sound like a car insurance commercial.

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Is PPG BREAK-THROUGH! new to you? This product application tip sheet will help you get familiar with what to expect and how to get the best results.

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26... 27... 28... 29... 30

30 Drywall Primer / Sealers tested, many of which are on the MPI Approved product list. They all have one thing in common. They all fail the "B" Test which is ironic, all things considered. Why do you think that is?

Are you one of those folks who insist on drywall primers? Well, this is some important stuff you don't want to miss. Let's be real here... I knew in advance these primers would fail the test, but unfortunately my opinions hold less value than facts. And, stats are better in high numbers. But, there is a reason why they fail and we explain it in the magazine.

There is only one main reason for using a primer on drywall, to seal the porosity of the board and really nothing else. That IS the only thing important to a painter and if primers are not sealing then you may want to look into products that do. We'll give you a few options.

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I guess that odorless oil did a lousy job blocking stains on this kitchen cabinet. Wouldn't that suck to prime and 2 coat all the kitchen cabinets only to find it turn brown a few weeks later.

Here's the breakdown. This flipper decided to paint these kitchen cabinets and all went great, for a little while. Then the pure white turned to a dingy ugly brown. His product selection was suggested by the paint store given the details of his project. SO, all that time and materials was a HUGE waste and whats more, he had to hire me to fix it. 

Common case of people in positions of recommending paint products who have no clue whatsoever what they are doing. Do you think those guys test that product thoroughly before they tell you to use it on YOUR JOB?


They don't.

And this poor guy trying to make a buck pays the ultimate price for the paint stores lack of experience with products. But hey, great news. Painthacker educates paint store owners and paint reps about products from real-world usage vs. marketing materials, and senseless training.

We cover all the details so a paint store owner who receives a brand spankin' new product can have years of experience at the click of a mouse. This way, when Joe Blo walks in the door, or you, the store can speak about the product as-if he had already used it. 

It's no secret I talk about products that I find interesting and use products that benefit production and quality. Only a few products wow me these days, but that is quickly changing.

I just received word on yet another two products not yet available from a company who made and shipped a product for us last week to test. I was so impressed with the product I just had to show it to other painters to get their thoughts. The other two products are part of a system so I am very anxious to get them in my hands pronto.

So what does this all mean for you?

I don't get myself involved with product that does not provide a better solution to everything else on the market. I set high benchmarks and standards and it takes a lot to impress me. So as painters, I can say, we have some very cool products that should be available soon.

New developments in the "B" Test

Our last B test with Promar 200 Zero VOC primer was a huge success in that we uncovered new discoveries on paint behavior, and its gaining traction. We got a few double takes on the subject and some much needed attention on the issue.

In summary, porosity issues are far greater than previously thought. If you've been following the Jack Pauhl drywall primer tests over the past 7 years---you already know we test for equalization of porosity between drywall mud and the surface of drywall. But, the landscape has changed now, we started testing paints the same way using the B test. 

The B test is a game changer for paint companies because a new benchmark has been established and while we won't uncover which products epically fail, we will show you exactly how products fail, and specifically WHY from a chemistry level, and HOW it affects you.

The bottom line: The price of a paint product is no indication as to level of quality. One thing I learned throughout my years painting is junk can be expensive at times.

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