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I miss summer already and it's still here. 

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I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I spent a lot of time talking to app developers on and off record about the state of paid apps in the App Store. No doubt about it, the model is shifting to in-app purchase and that means different considerations for monetizing indie apps.

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An alternative to Adobe Source Code Pro if you're looking for that. I personally use Source Code Pro regularly though.

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Enjoying the 2nd day of An Event Apart in Washington DC.

I updated my Verizon Samsung G4 with the latest software update. The upgrade worked but it left my phone unable to work with the Android File Transfer software on my Mac. To fix this, I had to download the Samsung Kies installer and select the "uninstall" option from that software. I had not installed Kies, but the software update from Verizon added some bits of it somewhere in my system. Grrr.... Regardless, doing the uninstall brought back compatibility with Android File Transfer. Just thought I'd share.

Here's a link to the US Samsung site to get the software:

Twitter dumping the developer community today is really disappointing. It feels like a betrayal. It's a betrayal nerds can relate to though.

The situation reminds me of the high school beauty (or jock) who buddies up to the nerdy math whiz only long enough for the nerd to help her or him sail through the math final. Test over? Dump the nerd. Get on with the life of the popular people.

Although I'm writing this note here, Google Plus hasn't been a replacement for what Twitter has become for me. Twitter has become a wonderful eco-system. I give Twitter a lot of credit for creating it, but not all the credit. Credit also belongs to the people the people they are throwing aside today, primarily the developers, the tech nerds, and the Twitter power users.

These people taught Twitter how to understand and evolve their creation into the place it has become. I'm sure there has been much discussion inside Twitter on this decision, but this feels like the end of Twitter's Golden Age. It was good while it lasted. 

The positive that perhaps this is what motivates the developer and early adopter digerati to move en masse to other services. is the new hot thing. I also bet this will make many people give Google Plus another shot and discover how it's different and see it as it's own unique 'thing'. 
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