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Very important that businesses "claim" their business information and verify the accuracy of it on the web.

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Just posted an answer to this question in Small Business Marketing Community:
Great Strategy suggestions by Heyo.  Here’s a formula for desired margin when you know the cost :
Price = Cost / (100-X) =Y

So lets uncomplicated, we are in marketing not a math class

Cost = $9.50
Margin= lets say you want 52.5%=X
$9.5/ (100%- 52.5%)= 47.5%

$9.5 / 47.5%=  $20 selling price

Now what if from your  Heyo research you find that the selling price is $18
Then this formula tells you your margin;

Price – Cost / Price= Margin  

($18 - $9.5)= $8.50 

$8.5/$18= 47.22%

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