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I have started delving deeper into Kalypsis, a new Ancient Near East inspired setting. +Richard Rohlin and +Sophia Grace were kind enough to be the first players inside the world. I wanted to do a write-up for the game, but a simple exposition did not feel right. I am trying to always have a teller and an audience for what I write in the world.

With that in mind, I created this, a letter from an unknown servant to its master, recapping what happened in session 1. I also included some of the master’s notes. The idea is to have an in-game correspondence between these two, recording the sessions, that players could possibly find one day.


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Huzzah! More Dark Eye goodness.

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Cannot wait to see these books in print!
Hey Dark Eye fans! Ulisses North America has made some big announcements today, and we also have news for you!

We should have a firm date on the Warring Kingdoms Kickstarter by next week. But here's what we can tell you -

This Kickstarter will be centered around the following products:
Warring Kingdoms Sourcebook (Hardcover, Deluxe, Limited)
New Bonds & Ancient Quarrels
Warring Kingdoms Map Set
Warring Kingdoms Armory
Warring Kingdoms Music CD
Warring Kingdoms Card Pack
Hero’s Breviary of the Warring Kingdoms

We'll talk more about our plans in the coming days!

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Had a great session last night. The group wrapped up their business in Phexcaer and started south on the trail of the Black Jarl.

You were missed, +Grace Elizabeth!!

Whelp. +Richard Rohlin's One Ring game just took a strange turn.

+Benjamin Feehan rolled back to back Eye's of Sauron, and two bouts of madness later, Ben is running through Mirkwood being chased for his life by the whole of Woodman Hall.

And the entire party.

Big thanks to +Richard Rohlin and +Sophia Grace for playing in my inaugural Kalypsis game. I have been working on an Ancient Near East inspired ACKS setting for close to three years now, and this was the first time I was able to put some players inside it and watch what happened.

Two jackals (Phamea, the charioteeress, from Consillium and Hanesh, the local explorer) traveled to the small village of Sentem where they discovered youths missing and beastmen afoot. They struck a blow for the civilization of men against their former masters, as Hanesh and Phamea slew beastmen and rescued the children.

Phamea almost died, and was granted a vision by the Morning Lod, returning to life with the vigor of one chosen by Fate. Hanesh intimidated a wounded Beastman champion (who had 1 HP left) into fleeing the catacombs. They also discovered the beastmen may not be acting alone.

Returning to Sentem the duo met with the son of region's lord, and may have new opportunities available to them.

Well done, jackals, well done.

Zane: Daddy. What if I were a giant space monster and snuggled the moon?

Me: Snuggled the moon?

Zane: Yes, snuggled the moon right out of Earth's gravity.

Me: ...

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This album popped up on my Spotify this morning. I know what the cover is supposed to be, but all I see is an Illithid.

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I am looking forward to picking this up in the near future. With the quality of Lex's podcast, I suspect this adventure will be gold.
Check out my new D&D adventure, The Trickster's Labyrinth. It works great as either a stand-alone adventure, or as part of a larger campaign. It's also a great adventure to use to get PCs from one place to another--even across worlds or planes! For 3rd level characters.

Just wrapped up an amazing session of Numenera with +Byron Bose, +Richard Rohlin, +Benjamin Feehan, and +Nick Johnson.

Year three of the campaign is going to be a wild ride.
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