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Nous sommes 360 !
Bienvenue aux nouveaux(velles) ;)

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Grimnoir la Guerre secrète.
Par ici on polie et on rabote ca va finir par être terminé ;)

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Voila une interface FramaFate

Enfin une vraie possibilité de créer les aspects sous forme de note avec une instance framanote à coté d'une interface roll20.

Le tout visible dans le même ecran ;)
Le vocal sous teamspeak, musique sour roll20

> lancer Framaestro (recherche internet pour trouver ce service framasoft)
>créer un projet (en bas de page), lui donner un nom
>faire ajouter memo> instance s'ouvre
> faire ajouter (emplacement spécifique pour coller un lien) et mettre le lien vers roll20>instance s'ouvre
>se loguer souS roll20
>régler avec le bouton en forme de 4 carrés la place des instances à l'écran
>appuyer sur partager et copier/coller le lien "collaboratif"à envoyer à vos joueurs
> il ouvre Framaestro sous chrome ou firefox et il faut juste se loguer dans l'instance Roll20.
sous roll20 ne pas oublier de régler la taille en pourcentage de la fenetre.

Chacun peut créer et déplacer les post-it et interagir sous roll20.

Enfin une vraie partie de fate ou on peut créer et gérer les aspects comme sur table !!!


EDIT : pour garder la session enregistrez le permalien en favoris. Normalement l'instance memo sera sauvegardé et juste à se reloguer sous l'instance Roll20.

Avis à la population je déménage tout mon drive sur owncloud hébergé par zaclys.

Certaines choses vont être inaccessibles un certain temps . En cas de doutes envoyez moi un message ;)

Bonne année à tous :)

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Bonnes Fate à toutes et à tous et joyeux Noel !!

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Un autre scénar qui peut être sympathique ;)
The next Black Campbell Entertainment adventure, again featuring my art on the cover, is Murder on the Hindenburg. This time it's a closed-room style murder mystery set aboard the luxurious zeppelin! I haven't gotten a chance to play through this one but airships are a lot of fun to draw!

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un scénario Atomic Robo pur jus ;)
And while I'm on a roll, here's the Atomic Robo adventure I did. The great Tesladyne B.P.R.D. teamup!

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Ce nous rajeunit pas ;)
On your marks, get set, FATE!!

idea based on the 1980 action comedy...

The point of the in-game race is to win. But rhe point of the (movie) and therefor campaign idea is to have comedic hijinks all along the trip!

That in mind.
What rules or stages of the road race would you suggest to "monitor" the race as positions change, in this "sea to shing sea" race?

My first focus is on the original source, but there are other ideas to draw from for the "hijinks" and action that is not just the racing. Such as town events, police chases, sabotages, media, even just stopping for gas, etc...
Adding other film/media to breath some air in "what you DO" during a race roleplaying game. Other than roll dice to move ahead...
Smokey & the Bandit, Gone in 60 Seconds, and even Deathrace or Grand Theft Auto. Or Around the World in 80 Days and The Great Race!

Do you suggest any movie or game ideas for more inspiration??

How to take RAW and use them in a good way to show the races "progress"? Or any new but simple ideas to build?

I was considering keeping a "pushpin" like chart of where people are and use Google Maps to help locate and calculate speeds/dangers, etc...

But overall...
Players would play 3-4 player characters EACH, with each having a PC for each other player at the table. Or maybe a PC group for each player with each group being lead by one player?
Then a half dozen other NPC race groups.

That way the players arent focusing hard on which group WINS the race 100% only. They have multiple dogs in the race!

Maybe for every bit of "sabatage" done by one player against a team he's not leader of - gives that other team FATE points. Or force a compel on the player?

And also. The "car" or whatever vehicle they choose is made by team consensus.
And what about challenges for it...
Or heck, even categories of APPROACHES and STRESS TRACKS?

Any suggestions on making a mostly action, obstacle and race setting (not as much gritty or violence) a fun and story challenging campaign setti g with some fun rules/ways to track the WIN?!!

One that relies more on not the journey but getting there fun?


Ahah nous sommes 340 !!

Bienvenue aux nouveaux :)
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