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Dear G+,

I have a very complicated relationship with you. I've loved you ever since you came on the scene, but I find it difficult to spend time with you because you've always been so isolated from the rest of the world. Sometimes I feel like I have to choose between you and my friends, and it's caused me to neglect you because of it.

I still want to make this work though, and I think if you're willing to try again then I am, too. So what do you say, G+?

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Tunes for island bummin'

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Wooo finally found an excuse to try purchasing music through Google and try out this free listen feature. So listen to this EP because it's so good and Daniel Rossen is amazing and I want to marry his music and be happy forever.

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Trying out this new sharing feature through Google Play/Music. Pretty ingenious actually to link it to youtube (and also acknowledge that people are uploading music to stream there and take advantage of it rather than punish it). Now if only more people I knew actually used G+. :(

Anyway, been having the new Andrew Bird on repeat all week. Really enjoying it.

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Woooo incredibly long-overdue videos! Wooo pretty things!

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Got some freelance work going with the Collegiate Chorale in NYC. First piece is for a concert of theirs at Carnegie Hall this Friday (of which I got free tickets to as part of my payment). There should be more work down the line from them. Very pleased.

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ugugugugugughhhh too much prettiness
Yes, you very much want to watch this jaw-dropping time lapse video of Yosemite by day and at night. It's simply incredible.

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Oh right, forgot to post here yesterday. My site is officially all up and such. Check it out!

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Oh hello G+! Long time no post. Trying to put most of what I have to say up on the Tumblr/website at this point. Here's what's been going on of late.

I wrote a very in-depth end-of-the-year music list! It's kinda a strange list!:

I was up in NH over the holiday and encountered a lot of crappy weather but managed to get a couple of okay photos: (actual post with photos)

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Happy holidays G+! Finally getting around to doing my big end-of-the-year music writeup. Talking about my top 20 albums of the year (there were just so many I wanted to write about). Part 1 (#16-20) is up now.
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