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Maker of Facility Scheduler - Affordably Schedule Online with No Paperwork!
Maker of Facility Scheduler - Affordably Schedule Online with No Paperwork!

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Server upgrade from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 complete. Database upgrade from MySQL 5.1 to MySQL 5.6 complete.

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We will be upgrading our server the weekend of 2/21/2015-2/22/2015.

On our testing, we are seeing weekly schedule load times of up to 2.6 times faster; and reservation conflict checking times of up to 3.3 times faster.

This should ease the slowdowns that we see on some mornings!

Have a picture of Tim's cat Reese's enjoying a banker's box.

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New BETA Feature! - Rotating Schedules

Used when you have "A" and "B" days but the Period structures are the same on each day. You can select a range of dates on the calendar, then restrict the actual Reservations to be only on "A" or "B" days (or both!). There can be any number of Rotating Schedule Days, and they can be any name. Activate in Manage > Bell Schedules.

Updates to Facility Scheduler BETA site 2014-04-08

Reservation Screen
+ Fixed a certain case where a Required Custom Reservation Field was not being tested if you clicked "Ignore Conflicts" 
+ If you require a Contact for a Guest Reservation, this is once again enforced. 
+ Percentage signs (%) anywhere in your Reservation were not being handled properly when being saved to database, and again when being sent to Schedule Views. This is now fixed. 

Schedule Screens
+ After making a Reservation, or jumping to a Matching Reservation, if your schedule screen shows 5 or 7 days, the week will once again start on a Monday (instead of the first date of the Reservation, or the target date of the Matching Reservation). 

List View 
+ Fixed some settings so printouts based on List View are more readable. 
+ Dropped the old HARDCOPY function which had become deprecated. 

Manage > Reports 
+ Re-wrote Facility Scheduler Usage report to finish much faster. 
+ Custom Reservation Field report would appear not to work if you had no Custom Reservation Fields. Now an appropriate warning is shown. 

+ Many other small tweaks & fixes

#FacilityScheduler   #BetaNotes   

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New Feature: Only Book Reservations with No Conflicts 
Ever try to reserve a large block of facilities, only to have a handful turn up with conflicts? Previously, you would either have to come up with multiple separate reservations, or you could double-book the facilities, then deal with resolving the conflicts afterwards. Now, you can automatically skip over the conflicts in one step!
currently only available in BETA

#FacilityScheduler   #ReservationScreen  

Updates to Facility Scheduler BETA site 3/30/2014

Reservation Screen
+ If you are scheduling several Facilities, but some have Conflicts, you now have the choice to Only Book Reservations with No Conflicts. Guests do not get this option.
+ Fixed the Tab order; if you Tab away from the Contact section, you will no longer jump over the Calendar section and into the Details section.
+ You may send an email message to your Contact directly from the Reservation Details window.
+ After entering a new Reservation, the Schedule Screen will jump to the correct date to show the first (or only) new Reservation.

Schedule Screens
+ Schedule Screens no longer fail if you have zero active Facility Groups. Instead, a message states that all Facility Groups are deactivated.
+ KIOSK VIEW: The times across the top of each date are now correct if you choose to start your day on the half-hour.
+ KIOSK VIEW: Printouts based on Kiosk View have been cleaned up.
+ LIST VIEW: If you are still using older-style Before School and After School periods, List View once again correctly sorts your Reservations.

Manage Contacts
+ This screen no longer freezes when you add or edit a name with an apostrophe. The data was always saved correctly, but previously you had to refresh the screen to continue editing.
+ You can now cancel the Send Message window if you decide to not send email to your Contact.

+ Contact Reservation Search Results now include Custom Reservation Fields
+ Added more Tips
+ Shortened the Conflict Checking file for reduced network traffic and response times.
+ Many other small tweaks & fixes

#FacilityScheduler #BetaNotes

Updates to Facility Scheduler BETA site 3/26/2014

Reservation Screen
+ Conflict Checking once again works if you have only 1 Facility
+ Required Custom Reservation Fields are handled differently & should no longer interfere with the Make Reservation button when filled in properly

Complete Requests Screen
+ See Matching Reservations restored

+ Reservation data file has been shortened by up to 20% enabling faster page loads
+ Internet Explorer 9 & newer will show the same rounded corners that other browsers do
+ Many other small tweaks & fixes
#FacilityScheduler #BetaNotes

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New FS Reservation Screen Date Picker

The calendar has been re-worked to be smarter and simpler. Previously, the calendar would pop-up and you could choose the first (or only) date of a repeating reservation. Then you would fill in several confusing fields that were difficult to error-check when processing the reservation.

Now, the calendar is always visible, and you can click all the dates you need to look for. If you need to schedule a lot of repeating dates, a special calendar pops up that lets you pick the first and last dates, as well as the type of repeat (Daily, Weekdays, Weekly, Monthly). Once the dates are transferred to the main calendar, you can further refine the dates by adding or subtracting as necessary.

Notice that you can set different scheduling windows for your managers and your guests (if you allow Guest Reservations).

#FacilityScheduler #ReservationScreen

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New Facility Scheduler features released on Wednesday 3/19

Reservation Screen:
+ Schedule Any Open Facility in Group
+ Simplified Calendar Date Picker
+ Improved Conflict Checking
+ Reservation Blocks
+ Secret Words for Facility Groups

Request Screen:
+ New Calendar Date Picker
+ Optional Waiting Period & Request Windows

Schedule Screens:
+ Hovering over a Reservation highlights matching reservations in the group
+ Reservation Details lists ALL the matching reservations in its group

Speed Improvements:
+ Many complex operations the would slow everyone's experience have been sped up (saving a group of 100 or more Reservations, many Reports, etc). More speed improvements are coming soon.

Full changelog is here: 

#FacilityScheduler #ReleaseNotes  

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