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(Q) I am little worried about GNOME is taking a route that will be more compatible with Wayland display server, but Ubuntu will go for the MIR display server, how will this affect the next Ubuntu GNOME Releases?

(A) The whole MIR vs Wayland thing, is entirely irrelevant for now. Ubuntu 14.04 is using X and it is not going to just disappear overnight! Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 will likely continue using X, even if Ubuntu switch to MIR. At some point in the distant future we will probably switch to Wayland, but right now its not even close to being ready.

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For a long-term release, it's very relevant that people ask. But it's also good that you (+Ubuntu GNOME) show what your current thinking is. It seems you are taking the same approach as to the other Ubuntu flavours.
KDE and the rest also says no to Mir. Wayland is what is going to happen and that is not going to change.
Wayland/Weston vs Mir/XMir will come down to a test of the Gnome and Canonical cultures; licensing, QA, and even temperament.
+Gustav Hartvigsson Mir has both GPL and LGPL parts, the server itself is GPL, the client libraries needed to run on it are LGPL.

Weston is, IIRC, MIT licensed (like Wayland itself), but I don't know what the Gnome Shell implementation might be. 
Go to fedora, no worries, very good GNOME integration
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