Instead of whining, complaining and telling us that you'll use another distribution (then you will come back to #Ubuntu #GNOME) just because of this:

How about you 'Get Involved' so hopefully you may understand how hard and difficult it is to build an Operating System? Do you really think building a system is as easy as writing your negative posts?

Kindly show 'More Respect' to ALL the Volunteers who have taken the burden on their shoulders and provided a system that you like so you could use.

You're invited to join and contribute to #Ubuntu_GNOME directly so you will understand this fact :)

Thank you for each and everyone who have contributed to Ubuntu GNOME and still contributing. Thank you for our faithful users for all their kindness, help and support :) Ubuntu GNOME today as a Community and as a System is much stronger and better. But this is not the end, this is just the beginning. We shall carry on and keep it up!

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