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This is supposedly what the pixel XL 2 will look like. Looks modern which is great but according to androidpolice who have a good track record with Google leaks, apparently the smaller pixel 2 will not get this new design and will remain same/similar to the current pixel so that's a huge thumbs down from me. I mean if this is true then what's happened to both devices being identical in design and spec minus screen and battery. This imo just shows Google doesn't really have a game plan for there hardware department and just doing whatever and hoping they land a hit. I had thought with the pixel devices going forward both small and large devices will be pretty much identical but doesn't look like that's the case with the pixel 2.

Advice to anyone looking to buy unlocked Samsung devices. Don't buy it if you think it means it will get updates faster. Have had this rant several times but i think it needs rieterating because it seems like Samsung basically​ treats its unlocked devices as budget devices. Been 2 months since nougat was released and it seems like everyone but unlocked devices have got it.

At this point it seems like there's no real reason to buy unlocked devices. I would rather deal with some carrier bloats than be months behind not just Google updates but behind Samsung own update line which is a step too far. Here's hoping the pixel 2 doesn't disappointed. Love Samsung hardware but i think I'm finally getting to a point that hardware is possibly not enough anymore and Samsung is taking the mick too much with its update policy and that's if they even have one.

Im ok with being a few months behind Google updates because Samsung needs to optimise it's skin etc but when your then another few months behind Samsung's own updates its too much especially when the same device in several other regions and your own has had it for ages with supposedly​ carrier interference which is what we are told is the reason updates are slow. So what is Samsung's or anyone's excuse that unlocked devices are even slower with updates when they have no carrier interference.

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I think it's fair to say if not the note 8 the s9 will have dual camera as well​ as a finger print sensor enabled in the home "button" in the front. I think it looks like i will be waiting a little longer for a new phone. 

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Kind of says the state of android for me. A device which has got enormous negative press and was recalled 2 months ago has more devices still out there than devices like the one plus 3t and v20 which the tech crowd have been lauding. Also kind of sad people are still willing to use a phone that basically doesn't exist. Everyone's on the bandwagon of how it's over for Samsung etc or they going to struggle with trust but this tells me Samsung has nothing to worry about because everyone else in the android market is struggling to battle for scraps to begin with and also people are just fickle in nature. As great a device as the one plus is for examples they just don't have the relationship or scale to even take customers who might have defected from Samsung. I think it's the one thing we all forget, to be successful you can't just make a great phone, you need the ability to scale like Apple and samsung worldwide.

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Not surprised but still stupid. What's funny is how they made fun of apple for removing the 3.5mm jack only to supposedly go and do the same themselves. Would not be surprised if this is the case of lets remove a feature and add it again later on with the s9 just as they did with SD cards with the s6 only to bring it back on the s7. Really don't get this whole thing about removing the headphone jack. Sure if there was a new universal standard that was better but there isn't. Wireless is still not better than wired and we are left with now a total of 3 ports for audio with USB c, lightning and 3.5mm which will be around for years to come. There's advancing for good reasons but in this case I only see "advancement" for the sake of it with no actual benefit which usually is the reason for replacing something old.

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I think it's fair to say when it comes to product branding Google is the worse.
So Google Cast is officially becoming "Chromecast built-in" on third-party devices. Yet Chromecast itself is moving away from Chrome branding.

The Chromecast app, meanwhile, was rebranded as "Google Cast" in March and then rebranded (again) as "Google Home" in October.

Inconsistent, confusing, and impossible for the average consumer to understand. The hallmarks of Google branding and product positioning.

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I'm sure plenty of us having old non digital photos around. This new app by Google seems to offer a great way to turn them into digital photos for online backup. It seems like it's not just a matter of this app taking a picture and cropping it but seem like there some ai going into it to make the pictures look good as possible.

The current situation with apple products seems more and more dongles with each products. Also a bit of mix messages imo. They get rid of headphone jacks on iPhone because it's old technology and it's time to move on and then they keep it for the Mac books. There's no regular USB port so you can't charge your iPhone without a USB adapter. I think I read somewhere that the new airpods don't work with the Macbooks. I don't know why but it just seems a little untidy from apple atm. It's like the software ie continuity is made for all apple products to work together but then the hardware story is another thing. 

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I have been saying this forever. Comparing iOS updates to android is not exactly the same. What many sites forget ( purposely I reckon to sell there narrative) to do when they compare iOS updates to android is they leave out just how much of what gets updated on iOS can be updated on android without needing a OS update. Doesn't mean android doesn't need to improve but if your going to compare the 2 then you need to compare them properly. It's very much like when there's a android security story, they will write things like 1 billion devices insecure but then leave out important stuff like you need to tick unknown sources and install from a 3rd party source or disable verify apps etc. Just seems like when tech sites write about android they love to leave important details out.

This doesn't mean android OEMs are let off the hook for not updating. They still need to update in a timely manner and sometimes there are issues that can only be fixed by updating the core OS.

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Google should be spending effort into making google messenger the WhatsApp competitor instead of even bothering with allo. Should have built all those allo features into messenger. by default let it be a SMS app as it is now but if you also associate your Google account you can send messages over data and get all those features you get with allo like assistant and enlarging text etc.Google messenger is a perfect name and it says it right there what it does. Tell people hey use allo, they probably thinking wtf is that.
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