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If you're a /r/Unity3D redditor, you may have already seen this... But who couldn't want more publicity?
This is a game I've been working on for the last few months.  I've put over 160 hours into the game and I'd really enjoy some feedback.  If you'd like, I could post a link to the betas (closed until now), also.

I'm planning on starting a Kickstarter sometime in the near future so I can release mobile versions as well as the standalone game, so keep on the lookout for that, too.

Check it out!  Thanks in advance.

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What a shame. Does this mean I'll never time travel? Or does this article dissuade me from attempting to do so, fulfilling itself?
How paradoxical.

(I would totally go to that party if I could. It would be quite fun.)

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What we do in English.  Ms. Pollack's class is the best.

Headphones recommended.

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Some Maize promos for you guys.
It's going very well so far and I'm really impressed with the game engine, +Unity 3D.

Back to fixing lighting bugs.  Grrr.

+jack ruth +Jon Wallis +Cameron Ruth +Harrison Palmer 
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Harrison Palmer and 2 others were tagged in Ian Palmer's album.

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This is great! Perfect for doomsday.

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