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O hai. Still here?

So, frustration and boredom and various life things have gotten me poking away at Plague & Pestilence again. I've been trying to figure out a way to get the Hans Holbein Der Todten-Tantz images to work as vector files, and have settled on just drastically simplifying the original images.

See the attached images for an example of what I'm doing. Original on the right (though not the original I'm working from, since I'm working from a scan of an old book that I got off of, hence the yellow colouration), edited version on the left. So far it's going pretty well, as it went from ~30,000 nodes when traced in Inkscape to ~11,000 nodes. I need to get it down a bit more, though. I may end up just painting out the background peasants altogether.

Actual game code stuff that's changed: I re-implemented the card scaling animation to work with the drag and drop functionality. So now the player will long press on a card, the scaling animation will play, and then the drag shadow will detach and the player can drag and drop to target or the discard pile. Though there's some weirdness with it that I haven't quite been able to sort out that's really bothering me. Mainly that when transitioning from the scaled card to the drag shadow there's a split second where both are visible at once before the card scales back down, so there's kind of a pop that happens. I tried making the card go invisible after the animation played, but I ran into issues making it visible again without it messing up another thing.

Next on the agenda is to seriously start figuring out how to get the local wi-fi multiplayer to work. I think I've started to figure out a headspace approach to building that all out, it's just taking the time to actually do it that's a problem (depression sucks). And of course I only have two tablets, so checking if it'll work on up to six devices becomes difficult. Tempted to get it confirmed working on two, then roll the application out to the Google Play store, head over to Barnes & Noble or Best Buy or something, install it on all their demo units and see if it works. Bonus to that approach is it can double as guerilla marketing!

Until next time, true believers.
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