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Meet Our New Western Regional Manager
Anthony Ferro

I am pleased to announce that Anthony Ferro joined Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) on August 1. Anthony’s experience and depth of knowledge in visible emissions is an asset to our team.

Anthony Ferro studied electrical technology and information technology (IT) administration at MCC Penn Valley. He began his career with Opaque Smoke School in 2004 and quickly rose to the position of operations manager in 2006. Anthony has conducted Method 9 certification training for over 12 years and spent over a decade in operations at Opaque before joining CAA in 2017.

Anthony has developed visible emissions training curriculum and has conducted numerous lectures. In his management of the Method 9 training program, he provided both field operations and training.

Anthony has a thorough understanding of Method 9 and its requirements which he can clearly communicate to others. He is well versed in smoke generator principles and operations, design, and maintenance.

Anthony is a father of four, assistant scout master, and an avid Kansas City Royals fan. He is a tech junkie and a foodie – I can tell you that Anthony knows his pasta!

Please join me in welcoming Anthony to the CAA team.
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We recently found out that a competitor has closed. We are not aware of the circumstances, but would never consider it a victory. We wish George and his employees the best in their future endeavors.
With the closing of Whitlow’s school, many companies will be looking for a new smoke school. Info about selecting a smoke school is below.
15 questions to ask a smoke school:
How CAA stands above the rest:
Find a smoke school near you:
CAA offers public and private schools. Most field certification classes can be completed in 1/2 day. We will work with you develop a schedule which meets your needs.
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While the team was away on the so-called “staff development conference,” I found myself alone in the office. Check out the blog post at about the “working conference” here if you want to know what the humans did.

Their absence gave me time to consider how I wanted things done around here without human interference. First thing, I took over one of the large comfy executive chairs.

From my new vantage point, I was able to schedule numerous naps and stretching, while keeping an ever-watchful eye on the door and windows.

Understand, I don't necessarily mind the humans were gone, but I DO mind that no one was here to give me my daily treats of beef sticks and tasty morsels.

I had to succumb to simply cat food and water while they were surely having yummy treats at their event. I was glad when they got back. The first day they returned was spent giving me a lot of treats and attention and treating me like the CAAT I am!

However, my excitement of having the crew back did not last long.

We have been having almost-daily visits from the large dog that lives down the street. The dog (ugh, I hate even saying that word) is enjoying the cool concrete of the shop floor and the attention and treats he gets from the guys. Attention and treats that should be directed to ME.

Between the dog being around outside and the rainy, humid weather we have had, I have been banished to stay inside and work. THIS is the chair and the view I get when the other workers are in the office. Needless to say, I am feeling a bit under-appreciated and overshadowed by the “new kid in town.”
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Pogo’s Point of View

Rumor Has It….

It has been pretty quiet in the office lately, but I heard some news today!

It’s about Jason Williams, Operator for CAA.

Jason joined the CAA almost two years ago. Jason is an environmental technician and has spent countless hours traveling from site to site "blowing smoke." His skills as a mechanic have helped him become a great asset to our team.

CAA offers Jason congratulations as he and his fiancé, Pepper, just got married on Friday, May 26. Jason and Pepper have been together for more than nine years and have two cats, Sophie and Sheeba. I figure they MUST be great people since they like cats. Just keep the cats at home, though. The office is MY territory!

We all wish them well in this new step in their relationship!
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Thank you to all our visitors at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Environmental Trade Fair and conference this week. We had a great time seeing familiar faces and meeting new folks.
We had fun with our version of the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game: where should you read smoke? We ran the contest five times and gave away a tablet to a winner drawn from entries with the correct answer. And, for those non-smoke-readers, and those who didn’t get the answer right, we had an extra drawing for a tablet.
Hope to see you there next year – the dates for next year’s event are May 15-16, 2018. Mark your calendar!
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Heres the picture of me and David!
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Hi Smoke School Folks!
My name is Pogo and I am the Compliance Assurance (CAA) office cat (my acronym is CAAT). I will be offering "Pogo's Point of View" on a regular basis to help you keep up with the CAA office and my adventures.

The office adopted me last year, and I have to say, they are awfully nice to me.

The guys in the shop don’t pay too much attention to me because they are too busy, but that’s OK. I have my office humans and they love me. Art stops by my bed every time he walks in and out of the office gives me a quick scratch or rub.

I am good to them, too. When it is warm enough to hunt, I often bring in trophies from my work.

I keep tabs on the staff and help them with their work. You can see me assisting our IT department (aka David Crockett). He acts like he is busy, so I put myself smack in front of him so he can't avoid me!

Here's what David has to say about himself and his work at CAA:

I am an Air Force military brat so we moved around a lot growing up. I went to the International College of Broadcasting and earned an associate degree in radio and television broadcasting.

I got a job at a local radio station and spent most of my time running the overnights and working with the production department. Once it became apparent I could move no further up the chain , I earned an associate degree in IT networking and a bachelors degree in cyber security from ITT Tech.

One of my teachers connected me with Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. Since then, I have been working on basic IT and video production. Best days are the ones where I fix anything broken; that's a warm fuzzy.

As for Pogo, I do all the mucky stuff. I clean Pogo's Palace, his food and water dish and remove icky things like his trophies so the office staff does not have to see them. Plus, I give Pogo a place to hide when little humans or dogs are here. As far as animals go, I have golden glove for the PETS!
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Announcing the Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc. (CAA) newsletter and social media communications.
The newsletter is being sent Tuesday to all of CAA's client contacts (managers). It provides links to our new blog and social media accounts.
If you don't receive the email, click here to view it:
We are asking for input - what can CAA do to make your smoke school management easier? Email me at
New! Compliance Assurance Newsletter
New! Compliance Assurance Newsletter
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