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Murmuur should not be unknown to both Hardcore Heads and Doomcore Troopers, as his sounds get around the scene for a while now, with quite an impact.
This is a real mature release here, with precise production and execution of sound, creating a hard hitting sound. We have something that combines Industrial Hardcore with Doomcore here, without being stuck "inbetween", and there is also hints of Oldschool fierceness and a general love for hard electronic music.
One focal point in these tracks is the drum, which is hard as steels, a real monster of a kick. The other focus is the atmosphere, something inbetween a nightmarish science fiction movie and lovecraftian horror maybe.
A very modern production that is not afraid of its roots.
Artwork by Mattia Travaglini

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Maniak-47 Hardcore​ returns to Doomcore Records. And what a return it is! He brings us a full-length album of tracks again. On one side, using oldschool tactics, tricks and methods, but also a very future orienteered sound - combining the roots with the new, creating a powerful mixture.
Fans of Phuture Rave Stompers should look out for this, Hardcore-Heads with a dark side, and above all, people who enjoy experimental, kicking, and relentless Doomed Techno tracks.

All tracks written by Bregt Nielsen during 2012-2016
Tracks selected by Bregt Nielsen & Sönke Moehl.

Artwork by Mattia Travaglini​

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Urban Uprising was released around 15 years ago as part of the Acid Massacre EP on Black Monolith...
The song stuck with a lot of people and entered quite some DJ's playlist over the years... there had been a self-released update to this track a while ago, but this time, different artists put their own take on this track...
And this is not all, as maybe other remixes might get a release on a nice label in the future... we will see!
Expect Doomy Acidcore, Hard Acid, and a hint of Techno and Experimental.
Enjoy the Urban Uprising, chaos and madness.


1. Urban Uprising (Lityk Remix)
2. Urban Uprising (soz.IO Remix)
3. Urban Uprising (Fairy Night's Urban Decay Remix)
4. Urban Uprising (Doomtrance Mix)

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1. Dante 909
2. Let Him Speak
3. Teknocannabinoid

This is Erohypnos' first release on Doomcore Records. We find some very introverted, calm soundscapes here, woven together with fierce hard hitting and technoid drums. This is definitely some complex working. You can find an assorted array of many little ideas and elements added to these tracks. Even traces of Doom Metal and Industrial / Ambient can be found here.
A must for technoid minded doomtroopers.

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Bazer. new album. Experimental Doomcore. bomb!

1.Flood 04:55
2.Forbidden 04:46
3.No Escape 05:45
4.Regression 05:05
5.Remission 08:34
6.Sodiom Penthotal 06:40
7.Solitude 05:56
8.Wolves 06:39

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there is some change with Doomcore Records now; the releases have been set to "free or pay what you want".
this means you can still download them for free - or enter an amount to donate money to Doomcore Records.
this money will be used to buy more free downloads from bandcamp (bandcamp has a monthly limit on downloads),
go to the artist, and maybe into a Doomcore Records 12" or mechandise.
so if you want to support Doomcore Records with a donation... would be cool.
(to the artists: if you don't like this change for your album, contact me)

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Doomcore Records has made it to Bandcamp Daily.
"This Hamburg label delves into the history of techno and hardcore rave. They’re particularly inspired by the hyper-speed, viciously-distorted sounds of the Netherlands “gabber” sound, but also display a fondness for movie and video game soundtracks, as well as the directness of simple software. As with so much industrial-inflected music, this might initially appear an extremely Caucasian pursuit; but the label counts among their musicians the Congolese/Belgian producer Nkisi, who is also a co-founder of the Afro-diasporic NON Worldwide label."

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meta-morph returns again to doomcore records. with his "diseased tracks" we have a bit of a morbid fascination, but they're for sure not weakened by illness. powerful doom stompers with almost oriental, strange melodies. we have something like his first release here: the reduction to melody work and beats + percussion. be sure to check it out.

1.Diseased Tracks 3 06:00
2.Diseased Tracks 4 06:00
3.Diseased Tracks 2 05:06
4.Diseased Tracks 5 05:53
5.Diseased Tracks 1 05:39


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We at Doomcore Records are proud to present french act Nekrononikom with his first release on this label.
Doomcore Records is always exploration of the possibilites of the Doomcore genre; and this is what we have here. Straight Doomcore vibes mixed with Techno, alternate Hardcore influences, journeys into faster, more noizy productions and hints of Acid, and i dare to see, Teknival spirit - but true, raw Teknivals, not something for wannabe hippies!
Above, we got a very complex produced and structured work here, with tracks bordering at 10 minute length and beyond.
If you like sophisticated Doomcore sounds, and fusion with other styles and a general dark atmosphere, this could be the very thing for you.

1.The Cult of Chtulhu 09:08
2.The Servant 04:29
3.Progressive NeKronomikon's Night 11:42


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after last year's release, Life Runs Dark once again returns to Doomcore Records. the style has definitely progressed so far. we get darkened atmospheres, machinery beats, and frightening encounters. we have two tracks that are more on the doomtechno side, and two in the vein of industrial hardcore.
this will likely not be the last the scene will see of LRD in the future! Doomcore with an edge.
march on!

The Next Generation Sound Manipulator 06:30
Darkness Is Where I Found My Friends 06:14
Funky Metal Bass 03:07
Dark Ritual 04:00

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