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Just had the most amazing afternoon exploring Prague, Czech Republic. I learned that hot wine is awesome on a cold day, goulash isn't what my grandma said it was, and Trdelnik is one delicious sweet treat. Special thanks to Hana Čermáková for being my personal tour guide and taking me to such places as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town and much more. I cant express my appreciation enough as it was a day I'll never forget... and we haven't even gotten to tonight's European Poker Tour Party yet!
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Try a "real" Budweiser while you're there ... you'll love it :).  The beer there is tremendous
Also, if you like dark beers, try an Oldguff Barique ... it was yummy
I seen an ad for the Budweiser you're referring to. I'll definitely have to try it.
Budvar is where the name comes from ... and it's good too :)
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