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Ayuni Ayatillah
I am a wife, a young parent and a working woman,with a homemaker at heart.I believe in nurturing and a lifelong learning and that life is a lesson itself.
I am a wife, a young parent and a working woman,with a homemaker at heart.I believe in nurturing and a lifelong learning and that life is a lesson itself.

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Iftar with 11 Street Ramadhan Beli-Belah Jom Buka Puasa Promo
It's Friday and we are now on the 13th day of Ramadhan. Almost halfway through now, and I wish all my Muslim readers a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan nonetheless. Ever since we had the kids, we do not fancy having iftar in restaurants anymore. Simply becaus...

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Time to Shop the World at 11street (and get free petrol vouchers too!)
Last week, I was honored to be invited again by the team at 11Street Malaysia to celebrate the launching of their latest SHOP THE WORLD campaign, currently running at . This time, the  11Street Shop the World campaign  will see them offering...

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Why you should get Biolane for your baby and you
When I first received these lovely products from Biolane, the first thought that came to my mind was that they won't be smelling a thing. It is not a bad thing about the products though, it is just me because I am a sucker for nice smelling things. LOL. Any...

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Khaleeli's wonderful session at BeeBop Circus , The School @ Jaya One
Khaleeli at BeeBop Circus, The School @ Jaya One Khaleeli is 2 and a half years old now (sorry I could not figure out how many months that is, LOL), and he is as bouncy, clumsy and rough as EVER.He gets knocks and bruises and falls and whatnots all the time...

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Some tips on bento making from the MILO Bento-making Workshop!
Every mom wishes to be able to pack a nice lunchbox for their kids, especially the ones with fancy decorations and looks so yummy too. Seriously, I would not mind having this for myself: A giraffe sandwich prepared by Yan Diana But I tell you, I am not one ...

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Heal your child's scar with Hiruscar Kids (mommy approved!)
I have a son and now I know how it really feels to have a child who loves to run, climb, fall, bang, pull, scratch (!) and even wrestle. Not that I am complaining, but boy he is more challenging than his sister, especially at this age of 2 where there is li...

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Cooking up a Korean storm with K-Market @ 11Street.MY
A few weeks ago (and how aptly before my first trip to South Korea that deserves a post too), I was invited by the fabulous people at to attend their launching of K-Market on their site. FYI, K-Market is a Korean grocery retailer located in Sola...

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The mom brain.
The mom and the photocopied version of her Yes, such brain does exist, people. But it does not mean that you are a bad mom when you have the mom brain. You are just simply being a mom. And I swear it gets worse the more kids you have. Like a few wires in th...

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All you need to know about Tetra Pak!
Sponsored Post Have you ever felt like you are not doing enough when it comes to giving the best-est, safest, nicest things to your children? Yea? Don't worry, you are not alone. I always feel it too. When it comes to bringing up the children, I guess it is...

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Celebrating Bella's 6th birthday
I could not believe that this is the final year of kindy for Bella. To be honest, I am not ready to part with the kindy schedule and how I can be so carefree when it comes to her not doing her homework and skipping school (come on, it's just kindy right? Sh...
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