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Just created this video which gives a step-by-step introduction to my OneR package (on CRAN)!

Please tell me what you think and please share - Thank you :-)

#OneR #Rpackage #rstats
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Free ebook from Computerworld
Many newcomers to R got their start learning the language with Computerworld's Beginner's Guide to R, a 6-part introduction to the basics of the language. Now, budding R users who want to take their skills to the next level have a new guide to help them: Computerword's Advanced Beginner's Guide to R. Written by Sharon Machlis, author of the prior Beginner's guide and regular reporter of R news at Computerworld, this new 72-page guide dives into s...
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...and now for something completely (!) different :-)
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The OneR package has been added to the official CRAN Task View for Machine Learning & Statistical Learning - I am honoured :-)

#OneR   #Rpackage   #rstats  
Several add-on packages implement ideas and methods developed at the borderline between computer science and statistics - this field of research is usually referred to as machine learning. The packages can be roughly structured into the following topics: Neural Networks : Single-hidden-layer ...
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The joke is too obvious to make, but who cares: the Little Englanders have got what they voted for.
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Not in my name.

Too depressed to write anything else about this.
Historic decision to abandon 28-member trade bloc poses existential threat to entire European project
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I'll try to stop going on about Brexit soon, but in the last couple of days I've heard a couple of things that I've found very depressing indeed, and although they are only anecdotal evidence for the way life is in the UK at the moment, I think it's important to publicize these anecdotes, since with enough of them one starts to get statistical evidence.

The first story, which I don't want to give in too much detail, is that I heard yesterday that someone the university had appointed to a chair, and who was a significant catch, has pulled out at the last minute, citing Brexit as the main reason.

The second is more shocking. A Polish woman my wife and I know told my wife that her son had been taking part in a football practice session. The father of one of the other boys asked him where he was from. "Poland," he replied, to which the father said, in a calm voice, "You should go back there." Fortunately the boy was too young to understand just how aggressive this remark was, but his mother overheard it and was devastated. And this is in Cambridge, which voted almost 3 to 1 for Remain (though I think it was also in a less affluent part of Cambridge where many of the 25% were probably concentrated).

I hope very much that things will settle down to roughly where they were before, but I don't think we can take this for granted: it's as though the vote gives permission to people to air their racist views. I've also heard stories about remarks that "nice" people -- parents of children at the same school that my children go to -- have made. They're not in the go-home class but they're thoughts that people would have kept to themselves before the vote.
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In case somebody still hasn't seen this :-)
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I think I agree with the Huffington Post headline here -- it is hardly a surprise that this has been done, but it's much funnier than I expected.
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Nice summary of what has happened in the country formerly known as the "United" Kingdom
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"Nigel Farage, leader of the Ukip and three time cover model for "Punchable Face" magazine and Boris Johnson, a shaved Orang Utan ..."
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Celebrate #AlanTuring’s birthday by learning #Cryptography from @Stanford on Coursera:
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