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Just started playing "Elite Dangerous" and still on the tutorials but its awesome,  looks very cool

Merry Christmas to everyone

Got a Nexus 7 (2012) on Lollipop 5.0.0 and decided to encrypt it as I do keep some sensitive data on it,  but its been sat on the spinning balls now for 2 hours

And I am now starting to think this was a bad idea,  should it take this long to encrypt? 

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Installing Steam on to Ubuntu 14.04

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I break the cycle of my Eve Playing and delete everything

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Eve Online has been taken offline twice in as many days by DDOS attacks and I return to the fold

Always good when cooking tea and the oven explodes #neednewunderware

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Ran in to an old friend while walking the dog and now having a mixed grill.

Went to hug him; while he was holding a plant and did an awkward chest grab

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DirectX 12, better performance, better visuals

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A brief look at Alien: Isolation a game by The Creative Assembly.
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