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Never Stop Learning
Never Stop Learning

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I learn more on co-ops than I do in classes. I fail standardized tests only to have to take classes I should've placed out of. Teachers mess with my grades because I occasionally speak up in class to help out other students. This education system is not conducive to people like me and I have been calling for reform for years, only to be told to sit down and shut up.

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Good job guys. Don't let the orange clown screw the environment for personal gain and bring the country with him.

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If I was at my previous college I would have graduated this past semester. Why did I ever leave? Ugh.

Dumbest super power ever:
Teleportation, but only to where your spit lands.

Why pay tons of money and have a mortgage on a massive house when you can live smaller, and save money you can spend on traveling and enriching your life?

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Hello my friend, my widgets LEAF ready for public...
• My first widgets
• Big credit for +Max Patchs​​​​, awesome icon
• More widgets coming soon
• Love my widgets? Please comment here...
• Enjoy

• Download Link

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Looking forward to the future of NexDock's innovations in the multi-use-PC sector. Meanwhile I'll enjoy my Sentio Superbook when it arrives in June.

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