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Fearless Mode Brand
F.E.A.R. is Faith Expressed Authentically Raw.
F.E.A.R. is Faith Expressed Authentically Raw.

Hearing from GOD is much like the internet. The signal is strong and sufficient, but if your modem is out of date (running on old technologies), you will always have interrupted service unto your own frustration. If you want to hear from GOD clearly, update your modem, which is your heart towards Him. Seek not to judge Him for He resists the proud, instead seek to hear from Him, for He favors the humble heart. (Isaiah 66:1-2) Admit, as much as you believe you know, you only know from the reference of man and woman, so what you know may be wrong because no mere man or woman has ever consistently been right. They've all been flawed and all have been a liar at some point. But lies never come from the lips of GOD. What would a lie ever profit the one who owns all and needs nothing to be added to Him? Men and women lie because they seek things to be added or to not be added because they believe they need or don't need. But GOD is complete, so what purpose would a lie serve Him? Get rid of or update your modem so that the Internet of Heaven can flow into your soul. That way your life can be synced with your account in the storage Cloud of GOD's presence. Update and upgrade your modems today so even your clarity will be clear.
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