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How the 80/20 Rule Helped Me Double My Income in Two Months
When I first read about the 80/20 rule, or the Pareto Principle, I had a healthy skepticism for it. I couldn’t wrap my head around how 80 percent of my work would only lead to 20 percent of results and that the remaining 20 percent of my efforts would lead ...

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The Freelancer's Approach to Managing Expenses and Getting Paid
According to the Freelancers Union, 54 million Americans are considered independent workers, a number that is only expected to rise in 2017. Now that we’re in another tax season, it is important that the nearly one-third of Americans who are considered free...

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5 Signs You Need Money Counseling, Not Marriage Counseling
Many couples blame their marriage problems on disagreements and an inability to see eye to eye. Marriage counseling is a great option for couples who need to learn how to better communicate, but it might not solve the problem that caused a disagreement in t...

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13 Totally Useless Expenses Your Company Is Wasting Money On
Small businesses are often pinched for cash--especially if an unexpected bill needs to be paid right away or a check from a big customer gets mailed too late for you to cover your payroll for the month. Your business should expect the unexpected. And one wa...

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How to save more money in 2017
For years, middle-class Americans have said that it seems harder and harder to get ahead. And there's no denying that middle-class incomes have only recently -- and infrequently -- increased at a decent clip. Still, there are things you can do to save more ...

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8 Strategies Mentally Strong People Use to Gain Financial Freedom
Mental strength is about regulating your thoughts, managing your emotions, and behaving productively. And all three of those factors greatly affect your attitude toward money and the activity in your bank account. Mentally strong people are in control of th...

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16 Killer Tips To Save You Money and Grow Your Business
My entrepreneurial knowledge came primarily from watching my parents and grandparents run businesses growing up, and my own experience as an employee at other people's companies. Along the way, I learned a lot of other important lessons that I think are tip...

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8 Tips That Will Help You Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Money Habits
Money is an anxiety-inducing topic. Short-term investing, long-term investing, budgeting, savings — all of these are terms that create walls between being financially responsible and just pretending that your debit account has no end in sight. As a first-ge...

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5 Money Conversations Every Couple Should Have
Did you know that the secret to a healthy relationship may be hiding in your wallet? No, money can't buy you love, but talking about the dollars you have may make a lot of, well, sense. In a recent study, researchers discovered that lack of communication ab...

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Excel for Accounting
2012 was a tough year for spreadsheets. First, the London Olympics accidentally sold 20,000 tickets to a swimming event that could only accommodate 10,000. According to The Telegraph, “a member of staff made a single keystroke mistake and entered ‘20,000’ i...
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