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Software Visualization Highlights at EuroVis 2013

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I just released a new version of BibTex Check, a small python script for checking the consistency and missing fields in bib files.

Changes and new features:
* detecting non-unique IDs
* possibility to consistently mark already checked entities
* search for entry IDs
* show the original BibTex entry on demand
* improved layout and design
* bugfixes

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It has been an interesting and exiting week in San Francisco... read my conference report from ICPC and ICSE 2013.

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Some impressions from the beautiful city of San Francisco.
San Francisco Moments
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Class A inherits from class B, method x() is calling y(), file f is always changed together with file g - there are thousands of dependencies and couplings in a software system.

If you are interested in how to visualize these code couplings, have a look at my new post on

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We still need a few parcticants! Do us a favor and participate :-)
Please help Benny by participating in our online experiment.
It just takes 10-15 Minutes.
Everyone can help at

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For a course on empirical software engineering, I compiled a reading list of 10 very interesting papers from the bibliography provided by

1. Nicolas Bettenburg, Sascha Just, Adrian Schröter, Cathrin Weiss, Rahul Premraj, and Thomas Zimmermann. What makes a good bug report?. FSE 2008

2. Mauro Cherubini, Gina Venolia, Rob DeLine, and Andrew J. Ko. Let’s go to the whiteboard: How and why software developers use drawings. CHI 2007

3. Jan Chong and Tom Hurlbut. The social dynamics of pair programming. ICSE 2007

4. Stefan Hanenberg. An experiment about static and dynamic type systems: doubts about the positive impact of static type systems on development time. OOPSLA 2010

5. Abram Hindle, Earl Barr, Zhendong Su, Prem Devanbu, and Mark Gabel. On the naturalness of software. ICSE 2012

6. Foutse Khomh, Tejinder Dhaliwal, Ying Zou, and Bram Adams. Do faster releases improve software quality? an empirical case study of mozilla firefox. MSR 2012

7. Andrew Meneely, Pete Rotella, and Laurie Williams. Does adding manpower also affect quality? an empirical, longitudinal analysis. ESEC/FSE 2011

8. Nachiappan Nagappan, E. Michael Maximilien, Thirumalesh Bhat, and Laurie Wiliams. Realizing quality improvement through test driven development: results and experiences of four industrial teams. Empirical Software Engineering, 13:289–302, 2008.

9. Victor Pankratius, Felix Schmidt, and Gilda Garretón. Combining functional and imperative programming for multicore software: An empirical study evaluating scala and java. ICSE 2012

10. Andreas Stefik, Susanna Siebert, Melissa Stefik, and Kim Slattery. An empirical comparison of the accuracy rates of novices using the Quorum, Perl, and Randomo programming languages. PLATEAU 2011

Enjoy reading!

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+Fabian Beck is getting awarded with the Schumpeter Publication Award (second place) of the University of Trier for his ESEC/FSE 11 paper. The ceremony is tomorrow in context of the faculty's graduation ceremony (Nov, 16th, 2:30p.m., Audimax).
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