A new report by The Boston Consulting Group Provides the first and most comprehensive study of the global - and local - impact of the internet across the G20.

The Canadian internet economy contribute C$49 billion to the overall economy in 2010, representing 3.0% of GDP, and its projected to rise to C$76 billion by 2016, according to the new report in The Boston Consulting Group's Connected World series. It found that by 2016 the total size of the G20 internet economy will be US$4.2 trillion, equivalent to 5.3% of GDP up from US$2.3 trillion or 4.1% in 2010.

+Chris O'Neill says "We should recognize the economic potential of the web, and that investment in this area should be a priority for Canada. The insights found in the BCG study highlight the real opportunity waiting for Canada in the internet economy, but we need to take action. Canadian companies need to begin to take this seriously and get online to reap the rewards of an age of data and innovation, or risk falling even further behind.”
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