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Check out this useful article on How To Write The Perfect Business Blog Post #SEOGears #Marketing #SEOContent

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‪#‎July ‪#‎SEOGears‬ ‪#‎Employee‬ ‪#‎Spotlight‬
Anthony Ledesma - ‪#SEO‬ ‪Fulfillment #Specialist
Anthony has been a part of the SEO team for the past year & with the company for 2 years. He was previously a Marketing Program Coordinator and recently transitioned into our SEO Fulfillment Specialist. He has been a HUGE asset to SEOGears and has contributed to countless customer success stories. Anthony is always willing to lend a hand to his peers, has a vast knowledge of SEO & Marketing best practices, and always puts our customers first. Outside of SEOGears, Anthony is the proud father of a beautiful little girl, enjoys computer repair & is a huge fan of computer gaming!

Some Q/A with Anthony:
Q: What do you love about working for SEOGears?
A: The learning! I am surrounded by talented individuals who are very create and excellent team players. The synergy here is what makes this job a career.

Q:If you could vacation anywhere in the world - where would you go?
A: A beach, with a recliner and endless beverages.

Q: What is the best marketing advice you can give someone who is starting up a small business?
A: Do. Your. Research. We have in front of is the most effective marketing tool in history and a vast collection of knowledge at our fingertips. Google it! With Google you can learn best practices, strategies, and dispel common marketing myths all from the comfort of your own home.

‪#‎OnlineMarketing‬ ‪#‎EmployeeSpotlight‬ ‪#‎AntMan #SEOGenius‬ ‪#Ledesmatic

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This is why ‪#‎local‬ ‪#‎marketing‬ and ‪#‎mobile‬ ‪#‎friendly‬ websites are important!
‪#‎SEOGears‬ ‪#‎LocalLift‬ ‪#‎SmallBusiness‬

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** ‪#‎March‬ ‪#‎SEOGears‬ Employee Spotlight **
Chris Folmer - Marketing Operations Manager

Chris comes to SEOGears from Denver, CO. He's an avid golfer, snowboarder, and he loves Cornhole and country music.

Q: What makes you passionate about ‪#‎marketing‬?
A: I'm passionate about marketing because I enjoy seeing small business owners succeed. As a small business owner myself, I have a passion for success in small business.

Q: Who are your favorite sports teams?
A: Penn State & the Denver ‪#‎Broncos‬

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in ‪#‎Arizona‬?
A: The 115 degree summers, for sure!

‪#‎SMB‬ ‪#‎SEO‬ ‪#‎FolmseyBear‬ ‪#‎EmployeeSpotlight‬

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Think you know everything about #digitalmarketing? Think again! #SEOGears #SEM #SEO #Marketing

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