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Going to start building PC's for seniors and low income families. Going to apply for a grant to supply extra parts and legit software (Microsoft has discounts for that). Have to also start the non-profit paperwork to register a NP company. Also need to find out if the local ISP's could either donate or offer a highly discounted rate for internet services for users.
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Techsoup is good for discount software also.
Comcast offers a $10 month internet service for low income families.
Alex B.
theres also a company, i'll find the name here in a bit that does free internet for low income/rural people but they are just starting out putting fiber optics out in the north west. spokane just got the grant to have it put in here but if it succeeds here i'm sure it will start spreading state wide.
the one thing you need to remember with comcasts low income 10 dollar internet is that if you ever exceed a specific amount of income they instantly change your bill back to the normal price and there is no way to go back to the low income price if that income increase was a one time deal.

good luck with the paperwork, its a pain in the ass.
Alex B.
found it, if your in the washington area you might want to look at this.. if your not you might want to look around and see if your state/region has the same thing.

also being that you are filing for non profit, you might want to talk to newegg or even some of the major production companies(e.g. gigabyte,msi, asus, etc.) and see if you can work out a deal with them to get discounted prices on B stock stuff maybe.
NOANET, I worked with them long ago. Nice. Thanks for the suggestions! :) I'll check into them and get going on the paperwork!
Alex B.
ahh nice.. i'm just waiting for them to start laying the lines out here.. probably won't be til next summer which it will go to all the farm houses first then to airway heights/spokane some time in 2013.. we need some competition out here against comcasts monopoly.
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