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GOANN (incl. IANA) instead of ICANN (incl. IANA)
Global Authority Assigned Names Numbers instead of or next to ICANN
Global Authority Assigned Names Numbers instead of or next to ICANN


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Saudi Arabia is interested in the ICANN - GOANN

6 May 2014

We got an own Google+ URL!

For the rest: we, initiative takers for GOANN, are truely happy that ICANN significantly expands the webspace through the issue of hundreds of new extensions, and includes more and more IDN.

The 'only' point remains: the issue of domain names could better be in  world wide stewardship, like GOANN, UN-like model, than 100% under American stewardship as is now the case with ICANN.

In order to work out the idea GOANN needs FUNDING - we have 0,0 funds. So if you like the idea and know funding, contact initiative taker Philippe Blankert, internetavenue at outlook dot com

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FOR GOANN: we can currently not proceed without funding.

We are on standby now, March 20, 2014, ready to proceed when any funding comes

20 March 2014: on hold

ICANN's offering of new domain names is so huge, in 2014/2015, that people hardly need an own domain extension by anymore. 


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Dear, thank you for supporting GOANN., by principle, we presume. 

It pops up to our minds: would it be useful to have a worldwide separate domain extension, as all churches all together? As . (dot church) together with a custom made 'Church brower'? The browser would, together wit our search engine, immediately show all church (iptv) channels.

Church people can search on .church extensions and immediately see all 'iptv' offered by the church.

We are Christians (protestants) ourselves.

Are you interested? Could we follow up our contact through email (, or phone, skype or hangout meetings?

We are looking forward.

Yours sincirally,

Philippe Blankert M.Sc. M.A.
30 Augsust 2013

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Altroot posted an update ! NEW and GOANN is mentioned...


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Thank you for the support so far, for my idea to change ICANN (the 100% US boss of the launching of new domain names) into a GOANN - global organisation, with all countries as member, thus democratic, like UN (United Nations).

I AM LOOKING FOR SUPPORT FROM ALL CONTINENTS - who does know people interested in this idea from:

(In Europe, India and US we already have good supporters to workout ideas with, but more are welcome!).

Besides democracy worldwide, another obvious advantage is: far MORE DOMAIN EXTENSIONS IN OTHER SCRIPTS!

This script, Latin script, is only a minority....what do you think of India, China, Japan, Korea etc.? Why do almost all extensions have to be ' American extensions'?

Thanks for all ideas and supporters, point them all to me, Philippe Blankert,

or this page

or straight join our G+ community:

With more people, we can make more teams, and work things out in a proposal that we can launch 'to the world' in 1-2 months.

The reali transition into GOANN worldwide may take years, but maube already sponsors can be found for the early, 'consultancy' like phase between white paper/proposal 1.0 and the finalisation of GOANN including staff, procedures, contracts, budgets etc in a few years time.

That WE can do it is technically simple to check out, for example ask 'Open Nic' in the US, or go download the Multiwebbrowser and after opening it type in sites as,, http://grep.geek (Open Nic, and from there to many more .glue etc. sites), the altroot search engine

It took us two years to develop the software, but now we have it all in 1 hand: DNS, browser and search engine. So technology is no issue anymore to start a GOANN.

We would like to have a consensus with all continents on a DNS table of domain extensions, launch more extensions than Icann so far, and certainly most extension in non-Latin script (!).

But above all: being democratic and unifying on a world basis. It is not right that USA 100% decides on Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African, European etc. domain extensions. But let us try to achieve worldwide unity and consensus without '.DNS wars'.

Thank you in advance for all input!

Philippe Blankert (initiator) and team, preliminary addresses: and

26 August 2013

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Cyberspace government should be in hands of the WORLD, not only US

GOANN (incl. IANA) instead of ICANN (incl. IANA)

Depending on the:
1) motivation of all countries in the world
2) the resolution of the dot Berlin domain dispute -

the AltRootFoundation (that was the first Authority to approve the launch of the dot Berlin extension) declares to be prepared to transform itself to a new to be founded


Global Organisation for Assignment of Names and Numbers

This new organisation would have a UN (United Nations) like structure, with if possible all world's countries as member - see UN model:

(for your info: ICANN stands for International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers - it is 100% US corporation, 100% reporting to US congress, see also

ICANN would be probably at some point in time dissolve itself and the US would then become member of GOANN., which is currently part of ICANN, and stands for International Authority for Names and Numbers, could stay if it agrees to be integral part of GOANN instead of ICANN.

If your are enthoustic about GOANN, with member states of all the world and a UN like decision structure (primarily democratic, maybe with a few veto's - or no veto's at all, 100% democratic) please 

a) follow this page
b) give it a +1 = plus
c) email a sign of support! 


As current chairman of the AltRootFoundation I would like to lead the transformation into GOANN. The GOANN chairman must be elected democratically anyway, and let me start to say that if we start this process now, new elections will be held in 2017 at the latest (so I will not have ensured chairmanship than up to 2017 at the latest).

In advance, I thank you for your support for GOANN!

Yours sincerely,

J Philippe Blankert M.Sc.
Founder and Chairman of AltRootFoundation
25 August 2013 on Google Plus 

PS: pictures used: if their use is not for free - please mail - it is not a definitive choice. Let us mail about IP rights and prices if choice would be final.
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